We clash like fire and water
One will remain, one will be left for the slaughter
An orchestra of pain and torture
A chorus of melancholy and quality distortion

Wind left to move without a pull
A skeleton left on the ground without a skull
Oh what a life we have
It's a shame your stomach for crushed dreams isn't full

Everything is backwards and collided together
We keep clashing and clashing like we're the weather
Cold fronts and warm fronts creating a storm
We're caught in a hurricane but God knows we'll be here in the morn

Planets and asteroids flying from their orbit
Take a minute to look into the stars and absorb it
All the knowledge you take in from pages of a book
Use it on our chessboard and move the queen to take my rook

Crash on impact and clash in mind
I never see you anymore but you're always in my mind's sight
We clash like black and white does with the rainbow
And bees are a contradiction because black clashes with yellow

Our dance is coming to a close and I'm happy to be done
Because no matter what, my score is zero and yours is one
A dance isn't a competition but that's where you're wrong
We clash like rhythm and the melody that makes this song