The black, bulbous arachnid flexed one of his spindly legs, lightly tapping a thread of silk in restlessness. How he wished a tiny little creature would wander carelessly past his his ornate construct. He had already devoured a plump horsefly a couple of hours ago, but that had been small, and his swollen belly hungered for another morsel. Another dissatisfied grumble from his belly urged him to go out and seek out a tiny insect to stuff inside him, but he remained still in the center of his web. He focused all eight of his gleaming red eyes upon the ground below, flexing each sharp leg upon a thread, ready to sense the fleet feet of an unsuspecting creature the moment those silken threads bristled against the hairs of his legs.

As if answering his wish for sustenance, a moth fluttered across the ground, taking a moment to land and rest its tired wings. The spider eyed it curiously, clicking his dripping fangs in anxiousness of the morsel below him. Slowly, he crawled closer to it, salivating all the while. It was a large female, likely still carrying her eggs. He clicked his fangs again, louder than before.

The sound reached the hearing of the moth, who merely glanced up at the darkness in surprise, searching for the source of the noise. The large arachnid remained still against his web, letting the black of his skin and the blanket of darkness across the sky make his frame invisible to the lady's poor eyesight. Failing to see the gleaming reds of her hunter's eyes, the moth relaxes herself, stretching her wings again before getting ready to take off for the next part of her trip to her larvae's birthplace.

He crept closer still, waiting to see if the moth would take off anytime soon and fly straight into the clutches of his sticky trap. She only continued to stretch her wings, the whitish green shining under the moonlight. He grunted slightly, unhappy that he has to capture the woman himself.

Gently, he lowers himself from the web, letting his spinnerets create a thread for him to hang by. She remains blissfully unaware of his creeping shadow, until he is just above her.

She lets out a furious screech as he falls upon her, wrapping all eight of his spindly legs around her body, trapping her wings and her fragile body in a tight embrace. She struggles wildly, attempting to flap her restrained wings, but only able to uselessly flail her tiny legs against the spider's. He grunts, feeling nothing from her rapid kicks, and only proceeds to hug her tighter, crushing her tiny thorax against his abdomen.

Once her movements have ceased some, he sticks his fangs in her, injecting deadly toxins into her to permanently cease her struggles. She squeaks at the sudden pain, suddenly feeling the paralysis of the toxin grip her nerves, forcing all her voluntary muscles to cease their endless movement.

Satisfied with the venom's work, he holds her motionless body as he raises himself back up into the center of his construct. Clicking his fangs in excitement of devouring the little morsel before him.

Once situated in the center of his web once more, he slides the female's front to his mouth, taking her head in immediately. She does nothing, unable to due to the toxin's paralysis, and can only watch the throbbing walls of the spider's innards as he slowly and languidly slides more of her into his body. He wastes no time in doing so either, taking a small bit of time to suck on her before swallowing more of her and pushing further into his spacious abdomen.

Within seconds, she finds herself fully in the recesses of the spider, now only waiting for the acids to slowly and tortuously cook her alive. Her predator merely clicks his fangs once more in satisfaction, satisfied with his meal.

He adjusts himself slightly upon the threads, pulling in his legs slightly as he lets the strength of the web support his now slightly bulging abdomen. Happy and with a full belly, he begins to feel sleep tug upon his mind, and accepts it most graciously as small spider snores soon lose from his half-open mouth.