Can your mind spin like mine?

Does it go up and down, sideways, diagonal?

Does it criss-cross at the train station and fly off into space?

Does it lean and learn of love? Of hate or disdain?

How about angst? That's a nasty feeling, but an important one nonetheless; wouldn't you agree?

Can your mind do black flips and front flips at the same time?

How about cartwheels? Back handsprings? Aerials?

Look, up there, look where I'm pointing!

Up in the blue, blue sky.

Is that the ocean we're breathing?

Can the rabbit swim under the dirt-caked caves and survive?

Does your mind even understanding what I'm saying?

I make sense, it's you that does not.

Flipping and flopping down the trench, this is where I always go- to and fro- to and fro.

Like littel bells chiming in, echoing and speculating what goes on in my mind.

I make no sense, and that is why I can make sense.

Insanity comes in degrees, comes in levels of absurdity.

Is your brain keeping up?

Or have you lost the meaning behind all that I've said?

Racing backwards, I'll help you, so you can't get lost again.

Does your mind spin like mine?

Does it understand the ways the heart goes?

How about the way it flutters and dies?

Is your mind spinning and weaving a tale so absurd, that you'll only lead yourself back to point one?

Have you given my message a clear and thoughtful thought?

Can your shadow grin in leeriness? In pain?

How about unquenchable thirst?

Is the banshee inside your mind crying out in glee?

Tip-toeing-tip-toeing to and fro, shhhhhhhh- if you're not quiet enough they'll hear you!

And we don't want that little secret to escape our minds, do we?

No, no , no. That be bad.

Let's flip backwards, then move forwards again.

This dawning feeling is so intense, I remind myself of the blistering sun

And can almost hear the moon laughing wickedly at me-

Drooling blood and never shedding a tear- always grinning manically.

My mind isn't what is used to be and my heart clenches like an iron-grip of solitude.

Rewind, reminding us to once again question where it all lies, where the truth begins and the lies end-

I have heard that somewhere-

not sure where, but it's applicable.

Confused, yet? Did I lose you? I bet I did.

So, I'll ask one more time...can your mind spin like mine?