Pretty girl with pretty brown hair,
I know that you're not treated fair.
I know that you cry at night
and wish someone would hold you tight.

Pretty girl with pretty eyes,
just so you know, I hear your cries.
I see the pain that you go through
and wish I could do something for you.

Pretty girl with a pretty smile,
I wish that you would stay a while.
I know that you put on an act
so that you can keep yourself in tact.

Pretty girl with shaky hands,
remember for you, God has plans.
I know you're tired and want to give in,
but be strong, and don't give in to sin.

Pretty girl with cut thighs,
I notice your bloodshot eyes.
I know you're weak and all,
but I'll be here to catch your fall.

Pretty girl holding a knife,
I know that depression runs your life.
But we can find other ways to cope,
I promise you, there is hope.

Pretty girl scared and alone,
your family should have known.
They should have saved you from yourself,
taken the blade and placed it upon a higher shelf.

Pretty girl who's all mine,
taking your life truly is a crime.
You know I love and care about you,
and if you don't, well, it's true.

Pretty girl, you don't have to hurt.
You don't have to watch your blood spurt.
You and I, we'll be okay.
We'll be together the whole way.

Pretty girl, it's alright.
I'll be here throughout the night.
I'll be here to help you through,
but remember, God's here for you, too.

Oh, jolie fille.
Vous n'avez pas à faire mal.
Je serai là à travers tout cela.
Je serai là pour prendre votre chute.

Oh, pretty girl.