Pretty girl, I see your shame.
Just so you know, I've felt the same.
I've been where you are today,
I've felt the exact same way.

Pretty girl, you don't have to bleed.
One of these days, we'll be freed.
I know how hard it is to stop,
but put the blade down, let it drop.

Pretty girl, I know it's hard,
but you don't have to become scarred.
I know you feel like it's all you need,
but if you try hard, you'll succeed.

I know it's addicting, but you're getting worse.
One of these days, you'll be taken in a hearse.
Please, please stop, please stop for me,
Please stop and consider my plea.

Pretty girl, it hurts to know what you do,
but you say it's what makes you you.
But I love the other you, the one who's okay,
but I guess I'll love you either way.

Pretty girl, it's alright.
You don't need to put up a fight.
I know that you're always on guard,
but letting me in shouldn't be this hard.

I want to help, to make you stop,
so maybe the blade you'll someday drop.
It kills me to know that you tear your skin,
but it's only because you let depression win.

If you tried harder, maybe you'd know.
Know that there are places to go.
If you continue, you'll go too far,
and I'd be so sad because of how important you are.

Pretty girl, don't leave me here.
You know I love you, I've made it clear.
You don't have to hurt, you don't have to cry,
you don't have to let yourself die.

I can help, just let me in.
You and I, we'll defeat the sin.
We can be strong, arm in arm,
and maybe we can stop this harm.