I was always like every other girl my age. I was only fourteen and I was young, beautiful, and learning. I was innocent, untainted by the harsh world around me. It was only when they came and changed everything that I realized that the world was not as perfect as it seemed. There were so many of them, with their rules and guns and stars. They were all male, tall, and hard with fancy suits on. Kind of like the suits that my father wore when he went to work at the firm, but with odd pins on them and a band on the arm with a funny symbol. I figured if anything was wrong papa and momma would have told me, so I carried on with my everyday life not thinking twice about it. But things started to get weird. First, momma told me that I had to start wearing the Star of David when I went outside. And that was all well for a while, but then more and more of those tall fancy uniformed men came. I started to get suspicious when my friends started to disappear. First it was Aliza, and then Giva, and eventually Orna all went missing. I went looking for them, but I never found them. But I had a strange feeling that I would be one of the next to go missing.