Waiting For A Miracle

I am waiting for a miracle

One I don't believe will happen

But still I wait

Wait for the chance

To come to me

Cause that's all I can do


Wait within my cage

Waiting to be set free

But I'm sick of waiting

Though I don't know what to do

I wait still

Unable to do anything in my chains

And I cry

Cry for freedom

Cry for change

Cry for a miracle

No one hears me though

And my miracle doesn't come

And in my disappointment I stay waiting

Waiting for the day I can stop standing still

I wish for that day to come

But I have lost hope that it ever will

Because I've been stuck for so long

Waiting and waiting

It makes you crazy

It makes you insane

The waiting

And it makes you lose faith

Lose faith in everything you once believed in

And it makes you so depressed

To not have hope

To think your stuck in one place

A place you can never leave

I didn't want this

I didn't want to be alone

But here I am

Without an end in sight

Only seeing a never ending sadness

And I don't know how long I can stand it

This is no way to live

So why do I keep waiting?

I'm so sick of staying the same

I want to change

I want to be different

I want to leave this place

I want to break out of my cage

I was so determined

But all I do is fail

My miracle will never happen

Simply because

I don't deserve a miracle

A poem about depression and losing faith. Hope someone likes it.