Of Dreams And Nightmares

Haha, haha

Welcome to my world

A world where nothing hurts

Where the walls talk

And the people smile

A green elephant over there

And a snake cow over here

A world full of impossibilities

A world in side my head

A dream of a dream, if you will

Where nothing's sad

And everything's glad

Where the sky is completely yellow

And they're not a sun in sight

Where the moon sings all day long

While we have fun dancing along

The realm of hope

That lives within everyone's brain

You know that place

The place that you dream of

The place you hope to wake up to

A world full of impossiblities

Where the ants eat the spiders

And the orange mole laughs with you

Where everyone wins the race

And the happiness is visible

In my world

One full of impossibilities

Life is good

There is no sad

And the only anguish comes

When you open your eyes and realize

That that wonderful world

The one full of impossibilities

Was never real

That it was only a dream

A dream that became a nightmare

The moment you woke from it

Because a dream that makes you never ever want to leave

And then forces you out anyways

Could be called nothing other than a nightmare

A poem about dreams, nightmares, and disappointment. Hope someone likes it.