I woke up to something pulling on my hair. It was more like someone; a certain small, annoying someone with tufty brown hair and chubby little hands that were pulling on my plaits. Leaving my hair in plaits is another one of my attempts at a beauty regime that never work. I groaned and pushed it out the way before turning over in an attempt to fall back asleep. No such luck. I heard a small thump as the little person fell to the floor and landed on its bottom. There was a small yelp but the little person was soon up on its feet again.

"Hey!" It said crossly.

"What?" I grumbled.

"Mummy said wake you up so wake up!" It said the last bit loudly, cupping its little hands over its mouth and bellowing into my ear.

I sat up and pushed it out the way. It cried indignantly and waddled off to inform mum that the message had been delivered.

"Hey Maxie," Someone said to it as it waddled past.

"His name is Maxwell!" I said spitefully, simply to cause irritation to that person.

"His name is Maxwell," it mimicked.

"Shut up," I spat.

"Well good morning sunshine," it laughed.

"Go away Finn," I groaned.

"Go away Finn," Finn mimicked.

"Whatever," I said, through gritted teeth. "Now move out the way, I need to get to the bathroom." I started collecting up my makeup and hair products ready for my half hour beauty regime.

"No," Finn said simply.

"Not funny Finn," I snarled, glancing at my alarm clock. 7.09 am. I had less than an hour to get my bus to school.

"No because I need to use the bathroom," Finn smirked.

"No you don't!" I complained angrily.

"It takes a while to look this good," Finn smiled, flipping back his hair and striking some weird pose.

"You are so vain," I muttered, trying to push past him to get to the bathroom.

Although to be honest, Finn does look good. He has flawless skin and green eyes. He says they're green like emeralds, I say they're green like a muddy pond, but he's probably closer to the truth. His hair is brown with natural red highlights, and he has proper cheekbones. I also have red highlights but his stand out more. Tall and lean Finn is effortlessly cool. I glanced in my mirror and sighed. By the way I looked in the morning; you would never guess we were related.

"Move," I demanded, trying to push him out the way. By now he was standing in my doorway and wouldn't budge. Im thirteen, almost fourteen, and he's fifteen, and age gap or not he's incredibly strong.

Pushing me back, he sauntered over to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I raced over to the door but heard the click of the lock as soon as I got there.

"You're such an idiot!" I shrieked, banging on the door angrily. In response Finn turned the radio on loudly, drowning out my shouting. Impatiently, I waited outside for fifteen minutes and when Mr Fancy Pants finally emerged, he looked exactly the same as he did when he went in.

"Well?" I shrieked.

"Well what?" he replied, a grin appearing on his face.

"You didn't actually do anything in there, did you?" I shouted.

"Not really. I went in and realised I already looked perfect," Finn said smugly.

"Why did it take you fifteen minutes to realise that?" I fumed.

"It didn't. I just danced around to the radio for a bit," he smirked, clearly enjoying himself. I shoved past him and into the bathroom, muttering what I'd like to do to him under my breath.

I had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and completed my facial routine. I glanced at the bathroom clock and raced into my bedroom to straighten my wavy brown hair, and to apply mascara to my thick, dark eye lashes that ring my green-grey eyes. I applied some of my new 'CH-CH-CHERRY CHAPPY' lipbalm and blew a kiss to mirror me.

When I was done I picked up my school bag and raced downstairs. I shoved my bag onto the sofa, knocking Finn's onto the floor in the process.

"Watch it!" he growled.

I stuck my tongue out and took a seat at the dining room table as far away from Finn as I could get.

"Hey Lane," I smiled, sitting next to my second youngest brother and ruffling his brown hair.

"Lame Lane," Finn grinned.

"Wow, you're mature," I said sourly.

Lane stuck his tongue out at Finn and I won't even say what Finn did back.

"You had better hope he doesn't copy you," I muttered.

Finn gave me a look and continued eating his cornflakes. My mouth watered. I am starving. Mum plopped a bowl of cereal in front of me and when I was about to tuck in I noticed something strange about my cornflakes.

"Mum, what's wrong with my cornflakes?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh, they're not cornflakes," Mum replied.

"Well, where are my cornflakes?" I demanded.

"Finn had the last bowl," Mum shrugged, handing me my lunch box. Of course he did.

"You'll like this stuff, the little ones eat it all the time," Mum smiled.

I glanced down at the chocolate covered, mashed up and disgusting cereal mum had put in front of me. "I'll go without," I said quickly.

I put my shoes on and grabbed my bag.

"Bye mum!" I called, slamming the door behind me as I headed for the bus stop. About five minutes later Finn turned up. We stood at either end of the bus stop, not looking or talking to each other. It was a relief when the bus came, as it always is.

"Don't sit near me," Finn hissed, quickly turning his head to take the ticket from the bus driver.

"Wouldn't want too," I shot back. My friend called me over and shooting Finn a look, I went and sat down next to her.

"Finn is so cute," she giggled, waving at my older brother from across the bus.

Finn smiled at her and smirked at me.

"Lily, he's fifteen and it would be so weird for you to date my older brother," I gagged, "not to mention gross."

Lily sighed. "But we're nearly fourteen, it's not that big an age gap," she persisted.

"I guess," I muttered.

"Will you ask him what he thinks of me?" Lily begged.

"No way," I laughed, thinking she was joking.

She wasn't joking.

"Please, Elizabeth!" She pleaded.

I sighed. "

Fine," I groaned, "I'll ask him."

"Do it now," Lily grinned.

"No, we have a strict pretend-we're-not-related policy on the bus Lily. You know that!" I begged.

Lily glared at me.

"Lily!" I groaned.

"Fine," Lily huffed, turning away from me.

I sighed. "I'll ask him tonight," I promised.

"Okay!" Lily's face lit up.

I smiled. Finn would turn her down and everything would be alright. I felt something hit the back of my head, and I turned to find some sort of mint sweet lying on the floor next to me.

"Did you throw that?" I demanded, getting up from my seat and glaring up the stairs to where Finn and his friends were looking down at me.

"No," Finn lied. I was about to throw something back when the bus squealed to a halt and everyone proceeded to get off the bus. Lily got up and I followed her as we headed for the school gates. Finn and his friends carried on into town. Their school started later but they still turn up late anyway.

"Bye Finn!" Lily squealed.

I winced at the despair in her voice. Most girls fancy Finn but Lily had it bad. Finn gave me a puzzled look before giving Lily a winning smile; stupid flirt.