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It was crowded, noisy, and smelled like sweat; too many people, too many eyes staring at us. I hated it the second I walked in.

Lamia ordered two pairs of shoes, and while I struggled to put them on, he somehow managed to become the best skater there, in less than five freaking minutes.

He was a natural, ridiculously talented while I wobbled while standing, unable to keep my legs from shaking so violently.

I gripped the railing and held on for dear life, regretting even being in the kitchen when he suggested it.

I wasn't exactly well-balanced.

"Come Demetri." Lamia swirled around me, his skates gliding him over the well-polished wooden floor.

"How are you so fucking good at this?" I said through clenched teeth.

"Consider my age, Demetri. I have been on Earth long enough to learn simple coordination." He laughed, before leaving me to make another round.

He looked so damn perfect, moving like an angel through people, smiling their way as they giggled.

And there I was, an ungraceful genius that couldn't even steady myself on 8 wheals.

I was so flawed compared to Lamia.

Why does he love me…?

I shook my head slightly, trying not to think of that.

I didn't need to hear a reason, the point was he loved me, and that's all that fucking mattered.

I wouldn't allow myself to go down the road of constant doubt.

Lamia came back up, quickly grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the railing, practically yanking me out into the unforgiving pool of waxed up wooden floors.

I clung onto his arm for dear life, squeezing it tightly to my chest as he glided with me.

"It might be easier if you took my hand, Demetri."

I shook my head violently, and let my bangs fall over my eyes, hiding my shame and embarrassment.

"You will not be able to glide well if you hold your body so tense."

"I'm scared I'll fall." I admitted, hating how much my stick legs were trembling, my knees knocking together.

"I will protect you."

I looked up into his eyes as he stared back, dead serious.

Slowly, I loosened my death grip on his arm, and he weaved his fingers through mine, slowing his pace to make sure I was comfortable.

I couldn't help but blush at the stares we were getting.

Nervously, I raised my hood, trying to hide my face so people would stop looking at us so judgmentally, as if shielding my face would hide my very obvious sex.

I hunched forward so even more of my dirty blonde curls fell before my eyes.

Lamia didn't say anything, sensing my discomfort.

Sure, I knew it was mean to be embarrassed about being with him, but honestly, this was Phoenix, and Phoenix was fucking homophobic. I also wasn't really all that comfortable with the fact I was in a gay relationship; I didn't want people staring at me so intensely, not until I myself was more at ease with it.

"Relax." He finally whispered, softly, just to me.

I tired my hardiest to, but honestly, I wasn't enjoying myself.

I squeezed a bit harder on Lamia's hand.

"Do you wish to leave?" he asked, as we made our second round, managing to become the center of attention.

I nodded a bit, and he sighed.

"Fine." He said in a monotone, letting me know just how upset he was.

"W-we can go somewhere else, right?" I asked.

"Where else is there to go?"

"Let's just walk around a bit, it's nice out." I suggested.

He agreed, a bit of disappointment disappeared from his face as guided me back to my shoes, where I was all too eager to kick off the goddamn skates.

"Demetri." Lamia called as he tied up his classic black shoes.

"What?" as I turned to face him, he kissed me, dead on the lips, in front of everybody.

"Let us go now." He smiled, standing up and walking away, as if leaving me behind.

Completely defeated at this point, I stood up, and walked behind him, grabbing the end of his shirt and holding on, not bothering to give a shit how many sets of eyes were following me.

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