A Painting Challenge

Kiara was an energetic young girl with excellent art skills. Painting was her dream career. She was eleven with curly chestnut-brown hair and deep blue eyes. One day on a Saturday morning, her mother gave her exciting news.

Her mother came into the dining room with the Daily Telegraph.

"Kiara," she said seriously, "there's going to be an art competition soon. I wondered if you wanted to enter."

Of course, Kiara said, "Sure. I'll enter." She had won an art competition before. So straight after breakfast, she set to work, painting a little girl in a fair, using an art set from 'Colomie' she had won.

Before long, she had drawn a quick sketch of her plan, nodded, and started painting. After a few minutes, the little girl in a white dress was expertly painted on a blank canvas. Kiara then started on the background.

After a while, a teacup ride had been painted, just before Kiara realised that she didn't know when it was due and how to send her painting to them. She went downstairs and asked her mother.

"Hmm? Oh," her mother said, washing up. "I think you have to send it to 24 Mars St, Finneley, 2527, and it's due on the 16th of April."

"Thanks, Mum," Kiara said. She climbed the stairs and resumed her painting, starting to paint a water-slide.

After she finished her painting, Kiara packed it up, wrote the judge's address on it and a return address, and mailed it to the judges. She eagerly awaited the 20th of May, since that was when the judges would announce the results of the competition at Art University of Finneley. When the day finally came, Kiara was so impatient that Ella, her best friend, murmured, "Relax!"

Kiara replied, "No! I can't relax!" Then it was 10:00am and the judges arrived and started announcing the results of the competition.

"Hello, I'm Mielle and I'm one of the three judges who judged your work. In third place we have Natalie Carghale, who painted a beautiful picture of a boy playing with a dog. She gets $150 cash and a hair set." Shaking her hand and giving Natalia she said "Here you go Natalie. Well done!"

Then she began again, "And our runner up is Johnny MacHarlen, who painted a boy learning how to roller skate. Come on up Johnny and collect your $250 prize and Painter's Club member's card!"

"And now, the winner we've all been waiting for…" Kiara's heart pounded with anticipation as the judge took a long pause. Then, "KIARA BLING!" and the roar of the crowd was magnanimous. Gingerly, Kiara made her way to the stage and shook Mielle's outstretched hand. "Kiara has just won $1000, a member's card, and a Nintendo Wii with two games of her choice. A splendid effort, Kiara."

Kiara then received her prizes, whispered, "Thanks," and then continued on, walking offstage.

At 3pm, Ella, Kiara and her family made their way home, and with that, our story ends.