Small snippet written for a contest.

This will be our last broadcast, as it is now officially the end of the world and all associated things. Goodbye.

When channel 10 news first broadcast those words, the populace thought it a joke. A prank, or even perhaps a competition of some kind. But when other stations played their own 'goodbye' message, it soon began to sink in.

The world was coming to an end.

At first, there was denial. Why? – How? – Is this even possible, how could this be? But try as they might, a fact is a fact, even if none believe it, and it is therefore inevitable. Millions tweeted and posted on BBS's and argued in chat rooms.

This brief moment of discord, however, was to be consumed by the flames of anger.

Mobs gathered. Streets were littered with broken bottles and graffiti. Shops were broken into and robbed. People were stabbed, mugged, raped. Government buildings were swarmed, fists pounding down doors and answers to questions demanded.

But there were no answers.

This violent rage soon turned to bargaining. The religious population swarmed churches and other places of worship. Some people even screamed at the sky and one another, begging for something, [i]anything[/i], to fix things.

But how can you fix the end of the world?

Soon it was depression. Shops were abandoned or closed, and crime rates skyrocketed from thefts and break-ins. People quit their jobs. Children ceased to attend school. The streets were swathed with blood from mass suicides and disease became rampant.


The final moments were of acceptance. As fire rained from the sky and toxic fumes choked the air, they knew it was inevitable. Something that would happen regardless of what anyone did.

And as the last man lay dying, a single thought crossed through his mind.

This is the end of everything.