I won't lie and say

I was sad

To see you go.

I wasn't.

It was probably the

Happiest day of my life.

I didn't want

To put up with you anymore.

You weren't who I thought you were.


As you walk out that door, I think back

To all those times

When you hit me,

Bruised me,

Told me I was worthless,


Made me believe

I was nothing.

That I didn't matter.

There were things you told me,

Lies I can't even repeat,

And yet I craved the insults.

I hungered for your cruelty

Because I had nothing to tell me otherwise.

There was no God there.

All you did,

Was confirm the things I thought were wrong with me.

But no more.

I've found someone knew.

He doesn't care

That I'm not

The prettiest.

The smartest.

The most talented.

He tells me that I'm beautiful.

That I'm more intelligent than I think.

That I am good at things.

I won't settle for your voice,

When I can have his.

So don't be offended when I tell you,

I'm done listening.

You don't matter anymore.

The sad thing is

It took me this long to figure out,

That you never mattered at all.

So don't be offended when I tell you,

I'm happy to say goodbye.