Within one's grasp is a future most becoming,

Yet the direction in which to move the hand may not be so easy knowing,

For in the moment that will follow this,

A change will occur when there is an altered bliss,

And the mindframe will move from that to this,

And the wants will improve,

the past may be missed.

Thus, with the destination unknown,

Which direction shall one go,

When they come upon a crossroad,

Or a turn blocked by stone?

Does one climb the rigged wall,

Or wait, not wanting to fall,

For a new path to appear before

Them-a new road to be called?

It is this lack of knowledge,

That makes humanity be the drawbridge,

That may bring us away from that future we will wish that we had wished for.

Yet it is that alteration,

From the perfection of the heavenly nations,

That makes Love grow when not expected,

And in the future allows dreams not disrespected,

And the truth be a varried vision

From one Person to the next.

So One may not end in that perfect life,

May not attain a Future free of strife,

But along the way they will have the greatest gift,

The gift of Humanity-the Gift of a Life.