They are only children, yet Caesar demands they fight to the death. They must obey. Only one lives. Eleven others die. The lives taken can never be returned. The one who survives is scarred for life by the images they have seen. It is very sad, and very painful to watch. I am just a slave, nothing more, nothing less. I can't speak up and defy Caesar's commands for this cruel entertainment. I can only hope he gets bored of children killing other children. They take slave children away to kill each other. And we are forced to watch. It's to remind us that they are stronger, and we can be easily dealt with.

I watch as children are taken away, one by one. A rebellious girl is taken one day. She's often complaining about Caesar when nobody's near. If anyone is to stop this, it would be her. Her name is Minerva. She will play along, win, then stick a knife in Caesar's back, or die trying. I have full faith in her. She is the salvation we need.