Chapter 7: Goodbye

Oh no! She is dead. It cannot be. She is not dead. She is alive. In hiding. Far away from the army. We haven't been freed yet. We need to be freed. If she is dead, our cause is too. We will be slaves for the rest of our lives; our children are doomed as well. To serve under them. We must embrace this, let ourselves accept fate.

My daughter, my lovely daughter. Rome has set us apart. Doomed to never meet again. One day we will meet again. That time is not too far away for me. Wait for me child, I'll be there shortly. I have lost you, but I will find you again. I promise you that.

And I did.

I am gone from earthly ties, but I am reunited with whom I love. My daughter, my wife, my mother, my father, all of them. I'm back where I belong.