Revision and Why You Should Do It

Teachers tell you to make sure
over the half term you revise.
Doing efficient rehearsal
demonstrates that you are wise.
It will help you get into uni
if you get commendable grades.
Pass now not later,
before your intelligence fades.

"But what about those successful ones
who did the opposite of pass?
Why can't I be like them?"
I constantly hear you ask.

They are part of a minority,
consider them the lucky few.
They didn't need the stress
plaguing me and you.
We need to learn and work hard
to get a degree worth showing off
so when we go for interviews
our future employers do not scoff.

We'll show them all we know
about statistics, theories and vital facts.
We'll bowl them over with our wit
and clever "Did you know that's?"
We'll knock them down
with our very credible academia:
contextual factors, coefficients, consumption,
carbon cycles, and the Czech bohemia.

"What a load of nonsense!"
I hear you say.
"A degree doesn't guarantee you
a job nowadays."

But what else can we do?