Stiff and upper –

They tell me this

is how my lip

must be.

Pursed and stern –

The shape they say

my mouth must take,

How it must seem.

Disinterested –

How they expect

my eyes to look


Kept to myself –

The way I'm told

my hands must fold –

As is allowed.

But my mouth – my lips –

My hands and eyes

all want one thing,

All seek one prize –

To feel your kiss,

To know your touch,

To taste your skin,

To feel your love.

Trembling and tense-
How my body
will always be
for you.
Bruised and broken-
The way my heart
will fall apart
at how you move.
Blind to all else-
The state my soul
will take when you
are near.
Unhinged and lost-
How they will say
my mind became
when you appeared.
Yet when you're gone,
I still remain
a piece-a pawn-
inside your game.
And when you leave
I shudder in
the aftershock
of your perfection.