broken long ago
made into fire wood.
for who s inferno?

wait for me to burn.
watch me burst into your fire.
will i burn?

your axe cut into my body s defense.
brought me to my knees.
and somewhere a tree screams.
your name,
a curse to the wind.

cut me into
bearable bites.
for your hell.
burn me for your comfort.

solid hard wood
you were to be my ground.
now you walk on my fragile dead limbs.

grown tall and strong
cut down by your lies.
cut down by your anger
and somewhere a tree screams.
you name
a curse to the air.

my cries echoing
in this enclosed space
drenched in my tears.
staining the wood

not wet enough
to avoid the flames.
of your anger
and lies.

will i burn?
with the fire you want?
flames with the power to
and destroy.

Yes, but not for you.
and somewhere you screamed.
as my flames ingulf
as your body fails to escape
as you become the wood that burns
as you die.
in my flaming embrace.