(An Urban Fantasy)


In the nation's heart, the streets are owned by the tribes that earn them. A delicate web of deceit and power is woven, more alike to the heroic battles of old than grimy street crime. Fame lies in wait for those who succeed – it is only your life at stake.

Seren attends college by week, but come the weekends, she ventures to the nation's capital to play game older than time itself. For Seren, it becomes her everything. She gets drawn deeper into the power struggle and loses her grip on her old life.

Evander is all too aware of the dangers of this game. His brother introduced him to the pack when he was a child, and now they were his second family. He would give his life, his honour, to protect the family's reputation.

War and love each play their parts in this battle, but can there truly be a winner?


Seren sits watch atop a five story building, the city unfurling itself beneath her. This is the suburbs, the skyscrapers encroaching on the horizon signalling the centre of the capital. A tiny empire, split four ways. Step a foot in the wrong direction, and you would be in enemy territory, but would you know it? Probably not - but Seren does.

Tonight is her induction. An introduction to life in the Wardens, the tribe who owned the lands to the west of the capital. Should she be successful, she would be accepted into the fold. Start off her career as a street soldier, and then, who knew? Fame and fortune awaited in the capital, for those brave enough to grasp it.

The first challenge would be to enter the building. Here she is, on top of the adjacent building. Searching for a weakness. The windows are mainly barred or boarded up. The bricks are old and cracked, but impenetrable. The roof is the only option, but it is a further five stories high that the one she stood on currently.

Seren draws a grapple hook from her bag. She begins a wide underhand swing and edges precariously close to the edge on the building. She releases the hook and it flies in a wide arc.

It misses.

She has come too far to give up now. Months and years of training boil down to this. Again it swings and again it flies. This time it hits, catching on a barred window. Seren takes a deep breath – now for the hardest part.

Black gloves firmly attached to the rope, she sits on the ledge. This is supposed to be a significant moment. Perhaps she should take a minute to think about her life – each insignificant year blurring into the next. But vertigo is making the floor fall further and further from her dangling feet, and there is no time like the present.

She swings the short distance to the Warden's tower. Using her legs, she braces herself against the brick wall, and begins a strange, horizontal walk upwards. She reaches the sill of the window her grapple is hooked to and pulls herself over it. Arms ache with exhaustion, legs tremble with fatigue. But she is eighty feet from the ground. She has to press on.

The guttering lies to her left, just beyond arms reach. She flails miserably, her weakened arms unable to reach. She leans as far as she dares. Further. Further. Her sore fingertips begin to lose their grip. She presses her body close to the wall, stretching and elongating.

Suddenly, another hand tightens around her wrist, and in shock she stumbles. Her footing is lost, and she dangles desperately. A scream escapes her lips, echoing off the brick wall.

"I've got you," a deep, reassuring voice comes from above her. Seren reaches with her free arm and clasps her saviour's wrist. It is a thick wrist, with a thin smattering of dark hairs.

Once back on the safety of the window sill, she looks through the iron bars of the window. A glint of recognition sparks in her eyes.

"Evander," she whispers.

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