Fix Me

You pegged me as a damsel in distress

But you haven't turned into anything charming yet.

You played on my sympathies

On my insecurities

You thought I'd be so easy

You thought I 'd stick around

To hold the world up for you as you brought it down,

When cried out to me Fix me!

Please Fix Me!

You tried to squirm into my heart

But I'll never admit to you if you got that far,

Late night calls of remorse

Begging me to tell you I was on your side,

I fell for it of course.

You told me things I was afraid I'd never hear

You drew me in,

You made me care.

How dare you make me care!

Using your twisted loaded lines like,

"No one loves me"

(I will)

"I'm so unworthy"

(nonsense for you, I'd kill)

"Your extraordinary,

Fix me,

Please won't you fix me?"

Naïve and young

I bought into your words

And wasn't ready for how betrayal stung.

He'd never do that!

I cried,

For that would mean that you had lied.

I have a hero's complex,

I admit it,

But this was never supposed to be a contest.

Who can break who the worst?

I never hurt you,

I tried to FIX YOU!

Tell me please,

Whose left to fix me?

Go on, be mad,

The lies you spread

Can't hurt me that bad.

In the end,

You weren't even a friend.

You treated me so nasty,

Now you call ME trashy?

How's the life you live?

Do you even know all your kids?

Then you have the nerve to call me after all you did,

Crying Please, Fix me

Just Fix me.

I'm done with you, you see.

Because in my life

Your just a broken piece of history.


Besides, I need to fix ME.