Hello there! I have written another poem. It is, of course, inspired by the same person who inspired my other poem. If you like this one, go take a look at that one, too! Anyway, it's meant to be interpreted in any way that you want it to be interpreted, so do what you will with it. Thank you, I hope you enjoy! :) And if you like it, a review would be greatly appreciated. :D


There is a corner.

It brews passion

And bestows it graciously on those deprived souls.

Lips on salty skin

Backs against walls

An illusion of isolation, like a dream.

Moments flitting by,

Brushing fingertips

Wings so quick they escape the half-closed eye.

Rivers trickle from head to toe,

Then they trickle back again.

Sensations, riveting, tiptoeing along limbs' paths.

The merging of desire.

Rawness manifested seclusion.

Light manifested in darkness.

In the smoldering corner

Where passion permeates indifference,

Brings to life the dying flicker of lustful light.

Uncharted and undiscovered

Sinful dreams obscured in secrecy,

Images behind eyelids seep into unsuspecting flesh.

Invigoratingly cold contact,

Balancing sultry, heavy warmth.

Beauty in perception and the spark of cured ignorance.

The birth of a smile,

The habitual flicking of the tongue.

Breathing, reactions, independent of the melded heartbeat.

Scanning maps through body and mind.

Conquering worlds with the lifening exhale.

Exploration and a need for revelation.

In the sagacious corner

Passion stirs perfection in intelligence.

Bliss is the imperial knowledge of ignorance.

Eyes that have seen don't blink,

Hands that have touched don't dare flinch,

Reality in dreams shields corner from mind.

Youth in its primitive thirst,

Naivety in its undefiled ripeness.

Enigmas morph to become epiphanies, luminescent.

Darkness to the enlightened is dark.

Darkness to the curious is crystal.

Discoveries blossom in protection from the erudite.

Fear flashes in stormy skies.

Incredulous glares bore through the tempest.

But lovers lie in the hurricane's tranquil eye.

In the sought-after corner

Where passion percolates to starving souls,

Temporary marveling changes with every dawning.

One pair sets its soul loose

The next pair basks in the remains of its love,

Sensations hanging in the dewy atmosphere.

Touches lay foundations for posterity.

Kisses meant to be shared in the same spot,

Same sweaty, liberating closeness of those who came before.

Whispers of forbidden oaths linger

Penetrating the open ears and minds that follow,

Inspirations invading minds insane with deprivation.

Happiness becomes an epidemic.

Lust turns rabid, desire contagious.

Crimes once abhorred repeated blossom into normalcy.

In the heavily judged corner

Where passion sits in the court of skepticism,

Cynics look down with narrowed and belittling eyes.

Emotions become a grain of sand

A single and insignificant shadow,

Growing beneath hollow trees of purported understanding.

No attempts, no steps forward

Sulking in feigned maturity,

Convinced that all that is happening can't happen.

Names fly with wings aflame

Seeking to set fire to the impure

Malicious rumors from illusions of purity

No thoughts to feel the emotion.

No thoughts to sense what is clean or dirty.

Clouded minds hindering as an army would its enemy.

There is a beautiful corner.

It brews passion from love, from desire,

And bestows it upon those deprived souls.

Lust finds its home

In the shadows, in its purest form.

Curiosity and dangerous love come to life. In this corner.

Ignorance and naivety blossom

Satisfaction replaces them by each new breath.

That which was once imagined morphs into reality. In this corner.

Cycles and dusks to bring new seasons

Generations, ancestors, past present and future.

New ripe love floats where past beautiful love flew. In this corner.

Misunderstanding looms like a burden

Young souls attacked with swift tongues, glaring daggers.

Love is battered by the vanity of the alone. In this corner.

There is a corner.

Passion. Love. Raw beauty. In this corner.