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The Ballet

When I see him dancing, something comes alive inside of me.

His image, constantly moving, remains in my head

and behind my closed eyelids perpetually.

During my moments of sadness, of creativity, of inspiration,

of happiness, of angst…I see him.

Dancing in that graceful, effortless way of his.

There's that feeling everybody gets

at one point in time.

That feeling that your stomach

has become weightless,

and you can feel your heart bursting

with a sensation

that you can't quite name.

A sensation of immortality.

It's a feeling that,

for those precious moments that you are experiencing it,

you can live forever.

He has made that feeling infinite for me.

Paradise, in its purest form,

is simply the thought of him,

blessing my whirring brain with his dancing and his soul.

It makes me feel,


that I can live forever,

and that he can live forever in my thoughts.

There is emptiness when he's not with me,

or not a part of my mindset.

When I'm not thinking of him,

I know there is something faulty inside of my mind.

When I'm not with him,

I can feel myself craving his presence.

That's part of the reason I think about him so much;

I can't help it.


I'm missing something.

It is just human nature to do

everything in one's power to

attain that which is missing.

There is a promise,

a never-ending promise,

that he will consume me—

or at least, part of me.

I want to go a theater.

I want to sit in a red seat,

towards the top,

where I can see the stage in its entirety.

I want to hold my breath in anticipation.

I want to wait…

and get lost in the grace of the dancing.

And then,

I want to see him saunter onto the stage,

for some odd reason unexpected,

and take my breath away.

Ever since that moment,

seeing him encompass

every imaginable piece of grace,

my thoughts have been beautiful.

The ballet has made my thoughts beautiful.

He has made my thoughts immortal.