There Once Was a Knight

There once was a knight, long, long ago,

Who nothing of cowardice knew.

His armor, how it shone in the morning light!

His shield, how it gleamed so clean and bright!

And his sword so sharp was ready for the fight.

There once was a lady, long, long ago,

Who fair and wisely grew.

Her hair, how it shone as ripples of ebony.

Her eyes, blue and bright, were just as lovely,

And her heart, pure and true, loved the knight faithfully.

Together they waited for the battle-trump's blow,

Then to the battlefront he flew.

His heart, how it beat within in his chest!

Her heart, how it throbbed beneath her chest!

Their love, O, will it survive this test?

When the battle was o'er, she did grow,

For where her love was, no one knew.

His horse returned without its master.

Her heart, how it did beat all the faster.

Finally, he returned, bring her an aster.

There once was a knight and lady, long, long ago,

Who's love was pure and true.

Their wedding day, how was the morning bright!

Their joy, how it glowed so bright!

And at the feast of their union, they danced all night.