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I am Star Silvertongue I catalogue all stories of interest this is the first romance and it probably won't be the last.

A Shadow Crossed Her Heart

The Life of Harriet was normal. School, dinner and rest but after this she never would feel normal again. She was doing a NAPLAN test. These tests were famous for their boringness. She walked out to see a boy who looked normal enough eating with someone who looked like his twin and she didn't recognise them. They appeared to have been arguing. One of them smiled at her while his twin punched him. He pushed the twin away with one hand. Harriet was distracted and she stumbled over a root and landed in the road. Luckily nothing was coming so she go up bruised and embarrassed. The boy walked across the road because school had finished. A truck was coming and he kept on walking if he had been 1cm behind he would have been hit. Harriet unclipped her bike from the rack and rode home. She was surprised to find that the boy was in front of her with a girl knocking in fence posts. The girl took up the hammer and clobbered the fence post so hard the ground shook slightly. Harriet walked inside her house. She saw a newspaper saying "Missing Children Mystery Deepens."

The next day was Saturday and she saw the boy from school balancing on one leg on a fence post. "Hello" he said

"Hi I saw you at school you walked out in the road when a truck was coming." Harriet said "Jamie have you been showing off again" yelled a girl who had just walked out the door. "No relax" Jamie replied "Oh! Hi I'm Isadora and this is Jamie he hasn't introduced himself has he, he never does" replied the girl another boy walked Jamie's twin walked out the door with a spoon stuck to his nose. There was a voice yelling "You embarrass me James" "I'm not James I'm Jamie the difference is obvious." "Nice try James." Isadora whispered to the boy with the spoon which promptly dropped off. "Yeah one of us is educated" said Jamie "Me" said James "No me" said Jamie Isadora broke them up by picking them up and knocking their heads together. Harriet said goodbye to them then walked into the road then was yanked back, car had been coming past and Jamie had pulled her back out of the road.

Tomorrow school was on it was the day of tryouts for the school volleyball team. Harriet hated volleyball because she couldn't get her head around serving, setting, digging, the rules and the fact her team always seemed to be smaller than the other team this led to her thinking her gym teacher didn't like her which is entirely understandable and a rational thought. However this time Jamie, James and Isadora were on her team and they were brilliant Isadora served the ball 32 times in a row and 31 of those times their team got a point. James dug the ball to Jamie a lot and Jamie would casually set so that it was about one cm from the top of the net. Harriet's team smashed the other team 120-13.

Harriet never really ate her lunch with anyone so she was delighted when Jamie invited her to eat with his family. James was trying to steal Isadora's pretzels while she wasn't looking and he managed to take one before Isadora noticed and chased James around the playground. This left me sitting with Jamie.

Jamie Frowned then laughed I joined we were getting into hysterics when Isadora dragged James back and said mockingly "You'll never beat me" "Sorry about that family friction bad normally, but Isadora and James are worse. They act like Neanderthals." Jamie said "Why are you apologising" Hattie asked "I don't know" Jamie replied.

That week they were told to dress up as book characters, which was entirely unreasonable and annoying so naturally their parents made them do it (no offence to parents) Harriet had a dark feeling in the pit of her stomach. Little did she know but today a huge weight would fall on her shoulders.

The was a heavy feeling in the air. As she got to school in her lion costume Isadora, James and Jamie were taking extremely long strides towards the classroom. They were wearing black cloaks with collars that were triangular. They were fully wearing black. Harriet walked to join them. When she finally managed to catch up they were in the classroom. By the time they were ready the class was almost at the assembly hall. On the stage there was a massive object draped in Kevlar. Just at the end of the assembly the prefects walked over to the doors and locked them. The Head Teacher pulled the Kevlar off to reveal, a caged massive beast with its head topped with horns. The Head Teacher opened the cage and unleashed the horrors within.

Everyone bolted towards the exits but they were blocked. Jamie, James and Isadora rose to their feet and towards the Minotaur. The sun was covered by a cloud. "I speak for the legion of shadows, leave this planet and never return or we the 17700000000th dynasty of shadows will drive you away." The Minotaur roared a blood curdling roar and leapt of the stage. Jamie and James leapt into the air and somehow floated above the ground. "We manipulate shadows and strengthen them so they are solid" Isadora yelled before rising herself." "The police couldn't find anything they had in common but they overlooked something. They all went to school here." The room suddenly became brighter as shadows disappeared and swords faded into view they came to the hands of the Shadows. The Shadows advanced on the minotaur. The room became blindingly bright as a huge pair of hand cuffs appeared and dropped to the floor. The prefects and headmaster rubbed their hands together. There was a crackling sound and huge fire appeared. "We are the monks of flame" roared the staff. The staff launched fireballs at the shadows who launched dark energy back. One fireball went into the crowd of students and Harriet's mane caught fire. Jamie realised the mane wouldn't come off and dashed into the crowd and grabbed the mane he tore it in half as the flames licked at his sleeves. Harriet screamed and began to hyperventilate. "Harriet no human can survive that I can manipulate shadow in to your DNA chain and save you but you will be no longer human do I have your permission to change you into a shadow I'll have to stab you with a shadow sword it won't hurt at all." Jamie yelled urgently "Yes you do" Jamie leant back a small knife of shadows appeared he slowly slipped it into her heart. Harriet's veins all turned black then back to normal she immediately leapt to her feet and strode towards the Minotaur. More black surged through her veins and a huge ball of dark energy appeared. She sent it flying towards the Minotaur. When it hit the Minotaur collapsed to floor a took its last breath. "I guess we won't be needing the handcuffs" Isadora said So if you're wondering what happened to this school it still stands around 50 km north of Perth. It got a new headmaster Mr Tony Watson and NAPLAN tests were outlawed and Harriet, Jamie, James and Isadora lived happily to the end of their days.