-"Fire in the heart"-

Life is like winter to the ugly

The ugly of the mind and spirit

Of the inside, in the soul

Icy capillaries of bark reaching up

Breaking apart a powder gray sky

Life is like winter to the lonely

Twine wrapped around the ankle

Rooted to a snowy ground

Palms pressed up to an icy ceiling

Breath burning like fire in the heart

Why do I have to scream?

When everything is nice as it seems

Life is like winter to the kindly

Parasites gather round

Like thieves to steal their light

Envious strike arrows into angels

The light of the sun into embers and ash

Life is like winter as it drags on lifelessly

Feet of lead

And heavy head

Liquid rusty red against serrated blade

Lashes glued together in silent shade

Winter, winter

It has always been winter

Who am I? Who?

Please tell me who I am?

You are winter, winter

Because you are ugly