Chapter one

I can't believe it's already 8'oclock! What if I miss my cab? I'll have to walk to my host house in the rain. Not gonna happen.I interrupted myself snappily.Stop being so negative...But I'd better run. Just in case. I thought angrily I was inside a library after having walked here from the airport. I was too early when I came here and had time to kill so I thought why not go to the library? Because if it rains you'll have to call them, call a cab or walk. I thought to myself, wishing I had answered myself sooner. if only i hadn't been so hung up on getting a library card from here and getting something to read. Now I ended up not being able to get any books (because of the rain and having no way to protect them) and I was running late for my cab. I sighed beginning to run and deflecting a disapproving look from the librarian. I hadn't run for maybe three feet before rounding corner, crashing and falling on my butt.

"Ouch!" My nose stung and my butt was sore but my super thick winter pants absorbed most of the shock. Now I was very glad I'd dressed so warmly. At the time I had felt foolish because you couldn't see any part of me except for my eyes and the coat was a very large, cotton-ball shaped knee reaching heat trap. when i wore it I looked like a giant, yellow, canary. The scarf muffled my voice so it also sounded like I was a boy. Maybe not the best way to start off my first time in America but the weather man said it was gonna be below zero and we all know weather men never lie. What did I run into? I must've run into a wall. "Hey are you okay?"

The wall was talking. It had a faint Scottish accent. It had a very masculine voice. It wasn't very deep but had a pleasant sound and a melodious lilt. Wait. What? No such thing as talking walls. But I ran into something... The only other possibility was frightening. Please don't be human. Please don't be human. Where I came from, running into someone was cause for a fight and I sure as heaven didn't want to have a fight now when I was already late. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I thought desperately.

There was a curtain of glossy, black hair in front of me. Lying on its butt same as me. I'm sure somewhere behind it was a girl. "Yeah, I'm fine are you?" I stood up and offered her my hand hoping that by doing this I would avoid a fight. She threw her hair back and took my hand. I smiled uncertainly at her. She had eyes the color of amethyst but now that I could see her face….She looked like a boy. A very handsome boy but a boy still. "Yeah I'm fine. I'm glad you're fine too because now I can kick yer arse." She smiled. A venomous, incredibly scary smile. I shivered. I can do this. I can do this. Just think about walking in the rain. No umbrella. In your canary suit. Sweating and with an afro. Just say it. "Look, lady. I have a cab to catch. So if you don't mind excuse me."

I started to walk by her when she suddenly asked "What did you call me?" This time her masculine voice was laced with anger. I automatically moved out of hitting distance. "I said 'look, lady. I have a cab to catch so if you don't mind excuse me.' " I repeated searching for the cause of her anger. "I am a boy." He said indignant. Oh…..Oh! I am so stupid just because he has long hair I assumed he was a girl. He looks like Hagar. It isn't my fault. I should apologize. Right .I'll apologize. I looked at a book on the table beginning.


" YOU MOTHER FLIPPER!How DARE You CALL ME A GIRL!" he screamed suddenly. Not in those exact words.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MOTHER FLIPPER? HUH, DO IT AGAIN SEE WHAT HAPPENS."I screamed back. In those exact words. I wasn't angry and it hurt my throat but my grandpa said to not be such a pushover in America. "If someone screams at you scream back. If someone hits you hit back. Don't make your grandfather come to England just to whoop butt." He had said shaking his frail looking fist. A lot of people underestimated him when they first meet him. If you saw him in a fight you wouldn't even cough in his presence.

I noticed that the boy looked shocked but quickly got over it. "Oh so you want to fight huh." He said menacingly cracking his knuckles. He grinned at me. "Kay, stop. We don't have time. We need to find the girl, Karin. Remember." Another boy walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

He was taller than the other boy, maybe a few inches taller. He had blonde hair that was cut just above his neck .It was messed up in all the right places. He looked tired and his hair was wet. He had grey eyes. I've never seen anyone with grey eyes before. He was hot. He smiled at me and started to pull Kay away. "But this stupid little boy called me a girl. Jon" He said irately. The other boy just looked at him. 'It can't be helped. You shouldn't get so angry over it. Besides if you cut your hair people wouldn't think that." He turned to me. "I'm sorry if we've troubled you sir. Please go back to whatever you're doing."

They started to walk away. Jon dragging Kay and Kay glaring daggers at me with his long black hair swinging around behind him, I started to run towards the exit when I remembered something. "Wait!" I yelled running towards them and stopping outside of hitting distance. Mostly because Kay looked like he was ready to kick my butt. As if he could touch me. I thought, I pulled down my scarf only enough so that my mouth was visible and grinned at him. It made him struggle against Jon's hold. "What is it?" Jon said now looking annoyed. "Okay I'll be brief. Did you say you were looking for Karin?" I asked watching Jon's face. Looking for the slightest sign of a lie. "Yes, and?" He said moving towards the exit slightly. "Why are you looking for her?" I asked cautiously.

"Why do you ask?" He replied just as cautious.

"What if I said I knew where she was but I won't say where until I know why you want her?"

He looked at me dubiously. "How would you know where she is?" Kay was paying really close attention to what I was saying probably trying to watch my obscured face just like I was watching Jons. "Is she a fourteen year old girl with long, black hair, green eyes and a light caramel colored skin tone?" I asked event though I knew the answer. His eyes widened. "Yes. Is she here now?"

"I already said I wasn't telling until I knew what you wanted with her. So what do you want?"

Kay leapt out of Jon's grasp and grabbed my coat hoisting me up and slamming me against a wall. I inhaled so quickly I almost choked "What do you know? Tell me before I beat it out of you." I cringed. Then I spit in his eye. When he lowered me instinctively trying to get my spit out I kicked him square in between. He dropped me, like I knew he would, and I ran. I ran until I came to a maintenance closet. I swiftly picked the lock with a bobby pin(one of many on hand) and ran inside.

"Hey where'd he go?" Jon's panicked voice was right outside the closet.

"I don't know!" That was Kay.

"Why did you do that? He was about to tell us where she was!" Jon exclaimed furious.

"That Ba***** was annoying me and you let him walk all over you! He's lucky I hadn't socked him then. But I will when I see him again."

"How are you going to do that? He could look like anything under that coat. We don't even know his name. I can't even remember what color his eyes were! "Jon replied irritably

"Blue?" he sighed then sounded determined again. "We're just gonna have to find the little boy. And make him tell us where she is."

"He could be gone already. We need to split up."

"Do you think he kidnapped her?" Kay asked suddenly timid. After a moments pause.

"No, if he had he would have left before we came to pick her up." Jon replied stoic

"Do you think he's part of them?" Them. Sh**. They're here too? Wait, they're probably talking about another them?I smiled grimly.Probably not. I thought shocked. They shouldn't have found out this soon.

"I don't know I hope not. You look inside. I'll look around the entrance. We'll meet back here if we don't find one of them in 30 minutes."

"Okay. Got it." I heard footsteps moving rapidly away from the closet. I waited for what seemed like fifteen minutes. Before cracking the door to the closet and peering out without going outside of it. Then I waited five more minutes and stepped out, when I thought the coast was clear. "Gotcha." Kay said suddenly steeping out from behind the corner. I didn't even have time to tell myself how stupid I was. He swung at me. I easily stepped away from it and countered with a punch of my own. It connected with his mouth. He stepped back and lightly touched the blood that was flowing from it.

"Now I'm p*****." He said and grinned at me, evil grin of his. "You'll regret that." He said wiping the blood across his shirt sleeve. He swung again. His form was so sloppy. So easy to dodge compared to grandpa's training punches, even in my canary suit. He was predictable as well. I thought of dodging until he got tired but if Jon came back I wouldn't be able to take the two of them not the way I was now. Sleep deprived and having only eaten one pop tart in the last three days. As I was now I was more likely to get tired. I decided to end it quickly.

He swung again. This time instead of moving away I ducked under it and got closer, until I was right in front of him inches away. "You're too slow." I whispered and grinned at him. I punched upward into his stomach. With enough force to knock out a grown man for an hour or two, for a teenager he might be out a few hours. He slumped to the floor. I thought he was unconscious until he said "Who are you?" If he was still conscious he would be in a lot of pain. "Sorry this is for your own good." I told him as I crouched down until I was at level with him.

I was about to punch him again. This time would be sure to knock him out.I felt something sharp press into my back. "Turn around slowly and stand up." It was Jon. I did like he said. His grey eyes were cold. Unfeeling. He was holding some kind of strange sword. It glowed. It glows? How did he sneak a sword in here? Why isn't the librarian doing anything? He stepped closer until the sword was at neck level. It couldn't touch my neck because of the coat, but still. It's pretty intimidating to have a sword pointed there. I looked him in the eye. The coat was really hot. I felt like I was about to pass out.

"Did you hurt her? Is she here? Is….Is Kay dead." He had trouble getting the last part out. He hiccuped. I felt sorry for him for a second before refocusing.

"No, Yes, No unfortunately." I sighed. " I need to know why you need the girl before I tell you where she is." He looked at me then Kay and then me again the point of his sword never wavering. "Okay," he seemed about to change his mind before finishing his sentence. "come with me. Will she still be safe if you leave?" He asked concerned about her. I smiled "Don't worry she'll be fine." I turned to the librarian "Thank you for holding my bags." I told her too sweetly, still angry about her not noticing someone was about to cut my throat.

She didn't seem to notice, she just smiled at me. "You're welcome. Have a nice day Miss K…". I cut her off. "Okay I will you too." Jon sent a questioning look towards me.

"Why'd she call you miss?" he asked. He led me to a car. He held open the door for me but I refused to get in.

"No thanks. Let's talk somewhere where I can run." Jon smiled slightly. He was struggling under his weight. "Do you need help?" I asked. He smirked at me. I smiled at him and lifted Kay off his shoulder easily. His smirk died. We took turns carrying Kay to the park. He didn't weight as much as I thought he would. Actually now that I noticed he and Jon both have lean figures. They looked like most of it was muscle.

Kay groaned suddenly while I was carrying him. He stayed relaxed. He was leaning into my coat. I was basically carrying him like I'd carry a newborn since I couldn't carry him on my shoulder like Jon, because i was too short and might drop him. that would not make Jon happy.I thought, then corrected myself. I wouldn't care either way. I thought Kay groaned again as we neared the restraunt. We were headed toward my favorite restruant. It was still open. When we got inside I set him down inside a booth. Jon moved inside to sit next to him and I sat in the opposite booth. Our table was in a darker corner of the restruant. It was probably that way for couples. Oh, the irony. I thought grinning into my coat.

Kay suddenly woke up. "What the?" he tried to move but cried out. Some people at the other tables looked over at us. "Shut up Idiot." I said. He tried to reach across the table, probably to strangle me, but Jon held him back. "Don't draw attention to us." Jon said calmly.

"You shouldn't move for a couple of hours. It'll really hurt. To the point where you might pass out again from the pain. You should relax for now." I told him blatantly but managing to accentuate the again knowing it would annoy him.

"You..." He uttered a long stream of curse words. When he finished He tried to move again. He cried out. Louder. Jon was frowning at him whispering at him to be quiet. When Kay tried to move again he pushed him down. "Stay down for now Kay." He growled then he turned to me. "What were you saying before?"

"I said that I knew where she was. Tell me why you need her." It was cooler in the restraint. I love air conditioning. I unzipped my cat but didn't take it off.

"Jon why do we have to cooperate with that ?"Kay objected sinking into his bench groaning.

"We need Karin because our….school told us to escort her to her host families' house. Since we live nearby and were in the area where she would be getting off her plane at the time. She left the airport and we were looking for her. We tried everywhere nearby and finally ended up at the library. Where we met you."

"How do you know she left the airport?" I asked

"An attendant told us everyone on her plane left the airport. The plane came early for some reason."

"…." I had my right arm holding my chin and my left arm hold my right arms elbow. I was thinking about what he said. It was a difficult position in a heavy coat but I pulled it off quite nicely. I ordered some fries and pop when a waitress came by.

What's wrong now?" Jon asked suddenly sounding irritated. "You don't believe me?"

"I believe you. I know where she is, do you need her now?" I asked

"YES!" Kay and Jon yelled at once.

"Okay, one second." I turned around so that I was facing the back of the booth.

I began slowly taking off my coat. "Why are you taking off your coat? Aren't you going out to get her?" Kay asked. "Shut up." I said knowing it would annoy him, the little bugger slammed me up against a wall and it hurt like heck. I wasn't going to be nice to him yet. I felt the table move slightly, probably Kay trying to strangle me across the table again.

I finished taking off everything but my hat and scarf. They could see that I was a person with a curvy figure and light caramel colored skin. A girl, not a guy. I took off my hat letting my long black hair fall around my face. It was messy from being the hat all that time. Then I turned around letting them see my pale pink, chaped lips, and deep set, green eyes.

Jon's eyes were wide and Kay was sitting up completely on the bench. "I'm…" got out of the bench enjoying every second of my dramatic introduction. "I'm Karin." I bowed at the waist. "Nice to meet you." I smiled at them.

I sat in the backseat of the cab. Scotted as far away as possible from Kay and Jon. Jon was staring out the window but every so often I felt his gaze wander to me. Kay was sitting in between us staring at the ground oddly quiet. "I apologize for the introduction." I said for the thousandth time. "It's fine." They said simultaneously for the thousandth time. Then why won't you say something? Do something! I understand you must be p'd off but still? The only other thing they've said was "He's a girl!"[ Kay] and "Gosh we're in trouble." [Jon] After I told them they calmly, silently escorted me out of the restruant. I didn't even get to finish my fries. I tipped extra. I waited for the cab with them, in silence and was now sitting inside the cab with them, in silence. We arrived at the house, still silent and they turned to leave, in silence. "Wait!" I yelled. They both turned towards me. My mom would be very upset if I left things like this. "Thank….." I started but was cut off by Kay.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG. SCREW IT!" He yelled. His purple eyes flashed with anger and… he crying? "I don't want to leave my only home because you weren't cooperative! It isn't fair! It isn't fair." He whispered sinking to the ground and frowning at his balled fist. He's hurting….I ran over to him and…..kicked him. He looked up at me tears in his eyes his eyes flashed angrily once again. I smiled down at him tenderly, I hope. "You shouldn't have to. It was my over-protectiveness. Completely my fault. I don't know why you would have to leave your house over me and our…miff but it would be stupid and if it was my fault and I wouldn't let you leave because of it! I refuse. You two did a good job of escorting me despite my being difficult and I think you guys are…cool." he was looking at me lines forming between his eyes but he was smiling. I sat down next to him and grinned at him. "Your punches were sloppy though." I said teasingly sticking out my tongue.

Jon walked over and sat down next to us. He had a look of complete concentration on his face. "So you're saying we did a good job and you forgive us. You're also saying you want us to stay in our homes right?" I nodded and he smiled. "Say it." He said I looked at him curiously but complied. "Yes, to everything." He smiled and relaxed sinking towards the ground. He lay on his back and started to laugh. Kay joined him laughing. "What's going…." I started but was interrupted when the door to the house suddenly burst open. A group of guys, around five came out and grinned at me before dropping down next to or in some cases on top of Jon and Kay. Then a couple of girls, three or four ran out and started gushing over them. As each minute wore on I got more and more confused. Two girls walked out and stood beside me. One very relaxed looking girl with down turned dark brown eyes,she was shorter than me and had shoulder length mousy brown hair and dark brown eyes, looked up at me and said "Nice job." The other girl was taller than the first girl but not by much ,she had reddish brown hair and heavily lashed almond shaped, icy blue eyes . She was beautiful. "You did okay. They'll still be punished. We all will for stepping outside." She sighed. I decided I liked the first girl but wasn't sure about the second one.


Everyone was suddenly scurrying around. Rushing to get up and run inside. "FOUR!" Mostly everyone was inside by now. The only people outside were the girls, Kay and Jon. "Come on newbie!" The first girl said running inside laughing. The second was right behind her. "THREE." Jon and Kay were struggling to get up. "Let's go Karin!" They yelled pulling me after them.

"Two" We weren't going to make it! "One!" The ground seemed to shake. We barely got inside as the doors slammed shut behind us.

I took a deep breath leaning against the closed door frame and looking questioningly group of twenty something laughing teenagers.. Then smiled. This might be fun.

This is my first story! WHOOOP! I think it's amazing. You could either agree with me, gush over how awesome this story will be and become best buddies, or you could disagree, argue, have awkward silence, and then become best buddies anyways. I can't wait for the comments, questions and suggestions from you guys.