Chapter two.

"GET TO CLASS!" Karin watched as the teenagers ran, scurrying around corners eventually leaving her alone in what looked like an average front room. The walls were coffee colored and the majority of the furniture was brown and red. What's with all the screaming from invisible people? There was no PDA or anything like it in the room. I shook my head. What did I expect? It's a school for Werewolves, Vampires and anything that's ever jumped out of a fairytale. Where could everyone have gone? It only had two stories. There were at least…Thirteen kids here, there's no way they could all fit in a here.

I looked around. Weird…. The room I came into was the front room obviously but there was no kitchen. On the wall in front of me were two doors. They looked like the doors leading to the girls bathroom. I pushed it open. There were three, showers(with the glass screen thingies, thank god.) sinks and bathroom stalls. I walked out confused. I explored the rest of the first floor. There was an even larger entertainment center across from the front room, complete with a huge, drool worthy, flat screen T.V, a couple of beanbags, a huge radio with speakers and bookshelf that lined the wall. She found a staircase next to the bookshelf. The last shelf of the bookcase had no books on it, just drawings, paintings or pictures. I didn't spare them a glance and shot up the stairs next to the bookshelf.

Upstairs was disappointing. There were four ( one at the end of the hall, three across from the bathroom) doors that were closed on the back wall of the house and two bathrooms one that had the a girl on it in a pink triangle dress and the other that had a boy in blue. I ran my tongue over my teeth wondering where everyone had gone.

I ran back downstairs looking for anything I may have missed. I looked closer at the everything in both rooms before noticing a slight dent in last part of the book shelf. I let my fingers run along the outside wall of the bookshelf. It felt strange, there was a thin coating of metal between the wood of the book shelf and plaster of the wall. I carefully moved my fingers searching for some kind of opening along the wall. Nothing., I'm sure this is a trick wall though. I moved my fingers through the shelf. I smiled when I felt a statue wobbled slightly. I pulled. Nothing. I pushed back on it. The wall flew backward nearly throwing me back with it.

After regaining my balance I look up. There's a long passage way with curving stairs. I walk down cautiously. "SLAM!" I cringe and turn back I know the doors shut. There's complete silence. I lick my lips and turn back around. Oh Sheep. Okay, I can do this. I can do this. I can- "AHHHHH GET OFF ME!" I screamed suddenly. Feeling a hand on my shoulder. I whip around holding my hand in fist in front of me in what I hopped was a menacing stance, despite my knees buckling. "snap" Light suddenly flooded the stairway. I blinked trying to help my eyes adjust. When I can finally see, I'm looking into Jon's smiling face, his grey eyes held an amusement that made me want to pound my head against the wall.

He opens his mouth to speak. I cut him off. "Don't say anything that'll result in me kicking you." His smile grew. "Okay," I looked away trying to get used to my surroundings when he added "Princess." I glared at him and looked around. Now that the lights were on I could see that on either side of me was a large hallway. " Come on. Mr. Ange wants me to give you a tour and for you to meet him later." I followed behind him. The school is underground. I said to remind myself of the fact. I pinched my arm, yelped and then blinked. Wow. The brick halls had huge floor to ceiling windows that, somehow, let in bright light or beautiful mahogany colored doors with windows that let you peek inside classrooms. Any free space was covered with colorful paintings and drawings by the students or awards. There were girls and boys bathrooms littered everywhere.

"Are you a masochist?" he asked. It took me a moment to realize he was speaking to me. I raked my mind for the definition.

"What's a masochist?" I asked. Jon smirked at me and walked ahead moving past the first level, that held all the classrooms and the lockers. "Look it up." I glared at his back, as we walked down the stairs until he stopped gesturing around him extravagantly. "This is the second floor. It's where the cafeteria, kitchen, nurse's offices, and the greenhouse are. There are some rooms down here that the school uses for private lessons, tutoring and detentions. "I hadn't missed the look in his grey eyes as he said green house. All sparky and happy looking..

"You have a greenhouse?" Jon smiled. I blinked a couple times trying to figure out why the image of him smiling was burned into the back of my eyes. His eyes were blue grey. Like a stormy sea. When he smiled they looked more blue and kind of vivid. Sheep. How did I not notice before. "Yeah, Come on I'll show it to you!" I blinked a few times when we got there. It was amazing. The air smelled like rain and moist dirt. There were vines with curling around the walls and ceiling, flower petals were slowly falling to the ground. Somehow there was sunlight streaming inside through the glass ceiling. There were all types of plotted plants in rows along the wall or on shelves. And some reaching down from walls.

Impressed doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. I turned to Jon, unable to keep the huge probably freaky looking smile off my face. "It's incredible." Jon flashed me a surprisingly boyish smile. Despite the responsible type I'd pegged him for. It made my insides feel funny. After my smile grew Jon turned around and walked towards a larger plant in the back bending and rubbing it's bark. I watched him. His had shoulders sunken, he looked on the verge of smiling and he was walking differently. More relaxed and confidently. I smiled a little. So this is his place huh.

I understood how he felt. Everywhere I went I felt like a coiled spring. Until I entered a library or home. Only when I was relaxed, did I realize how tense I had been before. After Jon's, seemingly satisfactory inspection of the plant, he looked back at me with a languid grin on his face, until we heard a loud bell. He frowned, and then sighed while his body stiffened. He walked past me to the still open door. " Come on. The headmaster wanted to meet you before your lunch period."

He took me up the stairs, pass the secret entrance, back into the house. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to finish my tour. "Shiz. I was having fun." Jon looked back at me his eyes were wide and he blinked at me several times before saying "What?" I tilted my head to the side looking at him strangely. He shook his head before muttering something unintelligible. " I couldn't hear you." He smiled at me shyly and said "Thanks" while brushing past me. I felt my heart jump in my chest as I stared after his retreating figure.