Keeping it a Secret behind Closed Doors

Shout-out to three guys who graciously accepted my request to use them as my main characters though I forgot to tell them it's a slash fic… Sorry Elias, Luis, and Joshua! And I'm sorry to tell you that I bumped up your ages in this fic, let's just say the things Luis does to a certain someone isn't right for your age.

Warnings: It's a slash fic, so if you don't like don't bother reading or reviewing.

Onto the fic!

Super Tall Dolphin –AKA Elias to his friends- walked into P.E. with a hickie on his neck, bruise-like almost. His friends cheered, thinking it came from a girl he had a crush on. That wasn't the case; in fact, it was from someone else…

After a grueling P.E (i.e.: 5 laps in 7 minutes, 6 sprints, and a [slightly] relaxing game of Capture the Flag) he walked out of the room, tired and sore as hell. As he walked out, a boy was sitting on the floor obviously waiting for someone. Elias called out his name and the boy looked up, smiling cheekily at him. He stood up his arms wide open, waiting for him to be hugged.

"You know you couldn't have it more obvious" Elias informed him, throwing his P.E. shirt at the boy.

"How would I know that I bit there" the boy countered, grabbing the shirt before it hit his face.

"Dude, you were awake. Aren't you supposed to know?" the boy's hand reaching out to grab Elias', the other's hand jerked back suddenly. Elias only whispered a warning to his friend.

"Not here, everyone can see"

He laughed "Are you ashamed? Doesn't everyone have desires and feelings of lust?"

Elias turned on his heels and left him through the passing crowd trying to get their next class on time. Luis barely heard the other's response "Not with the same gender"

"Does it seem like I give a fuck about gender?" his statement lost through the crowd.

In Luis' next class, he was bored after listening to his teacher drone on and on about getting the geometric whatever right, so they don't fail the test next week. Still he couldn't get Elias' response out of his head; he didn't give a damn about gender. He loved who he loved, so why was Elias so worried about them being caught?

He then realized it, from what his peers said, gays were deemed "fags" and "queers" and other nasty homophobic names. Luis, being the only out 9th grader made it tough through the years at XXXXX* it meant constant hate crimes (i.e.: unexpected jumps just walking home, the girls spreading rumors that their boyfriends were going to kill him for staring at the guys' asses, and bullies slamming him against walls and punching until he's half dead) and exclusion from various activities. The jocks were convinced that he was a "sparkly gay fairy who deserves a pounding"

The bell rung and he grabbed his books and ran for the door. Walking out of his classroom, he saw Elias standing there, a book in hand. He handed it to him mumbling "Left it at my house". The book's familiar, entitled Romeo and Juliet.

Luis asked why he brought it for him.

"You have drama, right?" the other nodded "I heard you were reading it, and since you left it at my house. I thought 'might as well bring it for him'"

He took the book from Elias and nodded as thanks. "Wait, how did you know I was reading it?"

Elias rolled his eyes "I'm in the same drama class as you"

The other 'ohhs' in realization "Must've not seen you"

They waved goodbye and parted ways.

After school, the two were thick as thieves. For some bizarre reason, they had decided to be more buddy-buddy than usual. That was saying something, since they were close before and now it seemed like they didn't want to leave each other's side. Almost couple-like, but everyone shook the thought off. The hickie was still there, a reminder of who bit Elias. The question was: Who really bit Elias?

Quick Author's Note: In case the asterisk wasn't clear I'll explain it. See, the school they go to is in fact quite real and the two actually go there. I didn't quite get permission to use the name, so I just used xs for the name.

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