Dear online journal/diary thingy June 2, 2012

Wait scratch that. It's too cliché to necessarily consider this a diary or journal. How about reminding update of life thingy. Yeah…it works.

Okay anyway it's a 13 year old here! Yup! Born in year 98.

This right here is my swag…ooops wrong line.

This right here is just to tell a whole bunch of random people of my life since they can't physically judge me. So I was like what the hell, right?

Well anyway today was a pretty chills day unlike the many other days where my insecurities shine like the sun at 12:00Noon on any given summer day.

I'm an African American, Native American, and Asian American citizen. I have African American textured hair. Native American colored skin. And Asian American features. I'm 5'1 & ½ and weigh around 160. Yes I'm fat but I'm working on it. I'm diagnosed with depression, schizoid personality disorder, and overall a lack of common sense. I basically get straight A's and I'm even smart enough to attend a private high school next year that serves some kick-ass food for real.

I become obsessed with things very easily (twilight, hunger games, people I've never/ will never meet). But my top most obsession-well it used to be-is my Norwegian husband. He's so hot! Sadly he lives many many miles away…and the fact he's 4 & ¾ older than me…..and no I'm not getting involved with him. He's just a friend…but acts more like a mentor or older brother. More about us later. I think I'll go to the bathroom then stay up and watch R rated movies…hahaha I don't really like watching movies so scratch that.

Adios reminding update of life thingy.

Oh yeah & my name is Lundon. Just call me Mich…long story.