50 Words for Love


I can't sleep at night. My dreams are filled with you. I toss and turn and just can't sleep.


Everyday I battle hope. What hope, you ask? The hope that you'll fall in love with me too.


I can count on one hand the reasons I feel fear; fear of you getting hurt, fear of you hurting me, fear of someone else hurting you, and fear of losing you.


I know I'll regret this later. But given the circumstances, I have to man up and accept my fate.


This is a secret I plan to take to my grave. Shh, don't tell anyone ok? I love you.


I'm madly in love with you. I love you so much it hurts.


Just imagining your rejection makes me think of suicide. I don't care how creepy that sounds. It's real, hard truth and fact.


It's times like this I wonder when you became the center of my life. You're the sun I revolve around.


You're going to be the death of me. Everyday my heart grows weaker. You cut the vein deep, sew it up and then cut the vein deeper. My heart can't take much more of this.


No matter how much I hate to admit it, I always have fun with you. There isn't a dull moment with you. I hope you feel that way too.


The way you laugh scares most people. I think it suits you. It's dark and reflects your emotions. It's so raw I get goose bumps. Your laugh gives your feelings away.


You can't sing. You're terrible at it. But every time you pick up a guitar and start singing, I can't help myself. I shut up and listen.


You get possessive a lot. It's like you think you own the world. Most girls find that annoying. But I love that about you. Because it makes me feel important. It makes me think you care.


I know I'm a hypocrite for saying this, but whenever you talk about a girl's body, I get jealous. When I get jealous, I don't talk to you. Then you start badgering me and I can't help but blush when you pull my body flush against yours and apologize.


Whenever you're with her, my blood runs cold. I see red and have to resist the urge to kill the chick clinging onto you.


You hate hot weathers. But you also hate cold weathers. When I think about this, I'm reminded you have standards. And I clearly don't qualify.


You're a jerk. You're an ass. You are a complete and total idiot. And I love you anyway.


Your lips taste like honey. I find it funny because I expected it to be something manly.


When I bury my face into the crook of your neck and breathe in, I smell you. It's something woodsie and fresh but oh so masculine. That's why I hesitate to let go.


You hate it when I cry. How would you react if you found out I cry because of you?


I told you I liked someone. I told you he would never like me back. You told me to always have faith.


I'm glad I met you. I'm glad we became close. Every day of my life, I'm cherishing our friendship.


I shiver every time you touch me. The second your arms wrap around my waist, or my back, my spine tingles and my knees go weak. I blame the cold to cover up the truth.


It hurts so much to love you. Every day I want to break down and cry. I want to scream my lungs out or bash my own skull in. But the second I see that smile, that oh so beautiful smile, my brain melts into my heart and I'm at peace again.


I go into a frenzy when I'm with you. My body tingles. My heart races and I can't catch my breath. Because of you, I've become an adrenaline junkie.


Your eyes are glossed over with this crazed look when you find something you like. For once, I just wish you'd look at me with crazed eyes.


When you get excited, the world can tell. You brighten up and people finally realize you aren't as dark as they thought. Still dark, but not as much as people think.


Red offends you. You hate it because it reminds you of blood. You hate it, but that didn't stop you from wearing the jersey I gave you. Honestly, my heart skipped a beat. I felt loved.


Your favorite color is black. We had a fight once because I told you black was a shade not a color. You defended your side fiercely and passionately. That was such a turn on.


You would never guess, but I always scan the crowd to try and find the tip of your head- I can tell it's you just by your hair.


Your hands do wonders on me. When you hold my hand, I feel complete. When you run them through my hair, I feel content. And when you question me about how I feel about how callous your hands are, I never hesitate to kiss them. It shows how hard you've worked.


Nightmares about dying are nothing compared to dreams without you there.


We're both into wolves. I used to think that meant we imprinted on each other. I was too childish back then.


I'm not the best cook. I know sometimes it tastes horrible. But I love how you'll eat every last bite because you're afraid of hurting my feelings.


I'm bad at a lot of things. Like sports, sewing, speeches, and not falling for you over and over again. Why can't I just get over you already?


You need new shoes. Here, take mine!


You like to play games but not just any games. I hate it when you're like this. You depend on me more when the game's done and we keep growing closer.


I love the expression on your face whenever I bring you cake.


Oh no! My clothes are kind of not torn. I need to borrow yours.


It broke my heart when you didn't want that shirt I had sewn for you. Did you know I stayed up for two whole nights working on that?


You have your own style. You don't follow anyone. You don't copy anyone. You're just you. And I love you that way.


You like to show off. And I hate to fuel your ego, but you really are good at art.


If we're so compatible, why don't you see me as dating material? Don't say that kind of thing to my face.


Courage has different classes. I'm flunking the most important one; the courage to tell you I love you.


I make you feel useless a lot and you hate it.


We're even. I'd rather feel useless than worthless.


I feel high every time I'm with you- like I'm dead beat drunk.


You won't like me saying this, but you're the light of my life.


You always say this to me; you're too dark and you'll corrupt my innocence. Get your facts straight. I. DON'T. CARE.


Love makes you do crazy things. Honey, you're crazy and I want to do you~

Author Note: My Ode to Sasuke. Aha, just kidding... Well, yeah... not really. Aha. Fictionpress won't let me format this to my style. Oh well. I apologize if it's hard to read for some and confusing to others. Gomen~