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I hate press conferences. The last time I talked in a press conference, I punched a hole into the wall, but Jessica applauded since I didn't hurt any of the assholes there. But today was worse than ever. 'There's channel 3, 5, 17, 9, and 12.'

'19, 21, 40, 52, 30, 16, and 5 are right behind them.' My other voice said, 'The others are gonna be here soon.' I grimaced; I saw that creepy flicker in their eyes like I was what they lived for. And this time it wasn't a compliment, it was more of a money-grubber's dream type thing.

Katrina elbowed my side. "Smile." She became extra bitchy after the whole S.W.A.T. thing got involved, and me illegally entering the zoo and all.

I clenched my jaw, but lifted the corners of my mouth to form an ironic smile. "Bitch," I said discreetly under my breath.

"Sit." Katrina ordered me then sat down next to me. I blinked rapidly to flush out the fuzzy, white dots aligning my vision from all the camera flashes.

"First question." Jessica said mechanically, she stood behind me to stay alert.

The vicious press teams clamored up and barraged me with all sorts of jumbled syllables to claim the first question. I pointed randomly at one of them.

"Caesar why exactly did you break into the zoo in the middle of the night?" There was a murmur of approval to his question.

"Uh…Well I…was hanging out with Leo and she decided she wanted to uh…see some animals." We decided on the word see 'cause it's definitely seemed less weird.

"Where did you and Leo Leonius meet?" The excited man didn't stop with his one question, "And who exactly is she?"

"I coincidentally met her on the street recently and I'm sure you guys already did your research." I took a breath slightly irked that the press thinks it's their right to delve into other peoples' personal lives.

"Cool it…" Jessica whispered from behind me.

"By street do you mean "she" is an escorting drag queen?" One of them rudely asked.

"Wh-what? What are you talking about?" I almost fell back from my chair.

"Did you accept a proposition from a transvestite hooker?" She repeated then shoved the microphone into my face.

"No, she's not a tranny hooker. I accidentally kicked her 'cause she was just sitting there." 'FUCK!' I bit my tongue until my eyes watered, in the heat of the moment I told them what really happened.

"NO!" It's been an hour now, and I was just arguing in circles. Katrina, Naomi, and Jessica, well-trained for these kinds of situations always reminded me calm down. But that doesn't mean I didn't almost rip every individual hair from its follicle—these people were so fucking annoying! Everything I said, they somehow interpreted it into something that made the story seem way more perverted/crazy/interesting than it already was, and they all seemed bent on painting either me or Leo as a bad person while the other is the victim of some horrible crime.

"Leo's not a man. I have never and I will never beat her." I was taken aback by some of these questions; I thought there was a limit, even for these savages. "She's not a hooker. She's a very nice individual, I haven't paid her to do anything, and no she's not giving me tips on how to work-out."

"Why were you two naked at the zoo? And why was she wearing your jacket at the scene?"

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples, but I answered anyways, "First of all, naked means to have no clothing or to be without covering, which we clearly did have. Second, it's completely obvious that we weren't doing anything intimate in nature. Third, we were just looking at the stars. And fourth, it's none of your fucking business." I didn't care anymore; my knuckles were white from how hard I was clenching my fist. It was aching to feel the soft skin of another person's face crushing against it.

Jessica stepped in already knowing we were going to be in the paper tomorrow for a completely different reason if she didn't get me out of there quickly. "This Q and A is over then."

"Wait one last question."

"What?" I spat out.

"Who is Leo Leonius to you?"

That completely caught me off-guard, even though that little question was the main reason Jessica even arranged this whole nightmare in the first place. I swallowed the spit collecting in my mouth; it ran thickly down my suddenly parched throat. I took a sip of the relieving water in front of me. Jessica widened her eyes at me quickly to signal me to hurry up and continue.

I took a shaky breath. "She's the woman I am in love with." That statement only made the swarm of reporters only pelted me with a hail of more questions. It felt like the animosity from their throng was going to eat me alive in the literal sense of the phrase.

"No further questions." My three Angels grasped onto my arms and led me out of the room. Fighting against these deranged psychopaths was like trying to calmly walk through a mosh pit without getting a scratch on you.

Once we exited the room, which was one of the hardest things we ever tried to do, we all needed a minute to catch our breaths. "See…that wasn't so bad." Naomi joked in-between her labored breaths. I shot her a glare, but offered no response.

We finally made it up to my room with a few scratches as proof of our press struggle. "Can we throw a party?" I lolled my head back on my bed. The ceiling patterns were swirling in front of my eyes into ridiculous shapes. I smirked boyishly, "Not even sure why I asked, I'm going to no matter what you say."

I glanced at Jessica who was always the hardest one to win over. She rolled her eyes, "Just drink your "juice."" I laughed and sipped on my strange green alcoholic concoction.

"I think the damage wasn't that bad." Katrina furrowed her eyebrows and calculated away.

"It went perfectly." Naomi smiled; she had her hands full with four different cell phones with which she was expertly handling. "Tokyo, England, Alaska, Los Angelos, Madison Square Garden, even Venezuela wants him."

"Madison Square Garden." I perked up and interrupted their chatter.

"But you just played there about a month ago." Naomi looked at me strangely.

"I don't care." My stomach churned at the thought of leaving New York.

"He's right." Jessica said icily. "If he's going to milk this whole "I love this girl" thing, he's going to have to stay in New York."

"Yeah, that's what I meant…" I drank a little more while they bickered about what I was going to do for the next week or so. I quietly let them for a few minutes until I suddenly got really tired of their voices.

"Go away." I slowly picked up one of my hundred pound fingers to point at the door. They didn't even stop talking to look at me. They picked up their phones, purses, calculators, and planners and simply walked out without another thought.

"Ugh…" I groaned ask I rolled over on my side. I peered down at my now empty cup. 'I want something sweet.'

'So this is what humans call "sweet?"' I clenched my eyes shut; everything reminded me of that fucking woman.

'It seems you still have not been able to obtain a mate.' This time, I laughed. So I lied there just thinking about the past couple days, they certainly weren't dates I would ever brag about, but they were new. And I got into really interesting situations because of her. Yeah that's it. I'm simply…intrigued by her.

'Boy, you've been "intrigued" by countless people. You know what you do when someone "intrigues" you? You fuck them once, then leave, you don't make plans for later, and you certainly don't take them out on da-"

"I'm hungry!" I shouted to drown out that obnoxiously handsome, voice (since it was my voice).

"Alright Angels!" I sauntered out of my bedroom into the connected couch and sofa room. "I'm hungry, let's go eat." I declared not really caring if they were hungry or not.

All seemed normal, but something about the air was telling me that their evil recipe to making my life a living hell had just been dusted off the shelf and was currently fulfilling its intended purposes.

"Sure." Jessica said grabbing her purse. I narrowed my eyes, way too easy. Especially for Jessica to agree? Something was wrong.

"What are you three up to?" I asked straight-faced, last time I felt like this, they had me meeting a shit load of distressed moms who were probably on their period, about their teenage daughters that were also probably on their period whom were obsessed with me on the verge of creating a cult. One mother specifically was raving about her coked out teen with unmailed, super creepy letters asking me for a clip of my hair and it didn't help that it was written in blood either. So yeah, one of the weirdest meetings I ever had.

They met glances with each other. "What was that?" I pointed accusingly between the three of them. "Why did you guys share a look?"

Katrina was the first to reply, "Alright fine." She sighed deeply, "We were trying to hurry up to go meet with some sound technicians during lunch, but never mind since you hate working while eating." She sighed again for the desired effect.

I felt bad. They did try pretty hard for me to have a lasting career and worked full-time at that. So I grimaced, but relented, "Fine. We'll meet, but I swear I will never do something like this for you guys again and I will be bitching and moaning for the rest of that month if you try and force me."

They grinned, "We wouldn't dream of it."

"So, where do you guys wanna eat?" I asked connecting my words together fluidly.

Katrina wrinkled her nose in surprise. "You don't want to eat at Tiffany's?" The three of them let out a chuckle at the movie reference genius hidden behind the restaurant name. We've known about the place for nearly nine years now and still the name was hilarious.

'See it is funny! Leo is the only one that didn't understand.' I reassured myself, that incident almost made me believe that that joke was tasteless, but totally wasn't.

Although I was relieved to know that one of my favorite jokes was awesome, I cringed remembering a very specific detail I wanted to forget. Leo.

"Not Tiffany's." I shook my head like a child being asked to drink cough syrup.

Naomi stopped dead in her tracks and looked around as to thoroughly convince herself that she wasn't the only one being subjected to my insane suggestion. "But…But we always go to Tiffany's."

I shot them a piercing glare. "We don't always."

Naomi creased her eyebrows in disbelief. "Caesar…on our longest visit to New York, out of the six months we were staying, you ate there five months and twenty-nine days." She paused, "And I know 'cause I recorded it on our planner."

Damn. I didn't realize how much I ate there. I'm being robbed of my favorite restaurant, that's how I know I'm being fucked over. "I just don't fuckin' feel like eating there today." I snapped.

I noticed the look they shared but only subconsciously. "Well actually now that you mention it…" I didn't like the way her tone sounded, I should have trusted my gut.

"Ooh, we wanted to meet with sound technicians," I imitated Katrina's statement in my most obnoxious voice. "Fuck you." I crossed my arms. Those stupid bitches brought me to the zoo so I could do an interview about Leo…should've just went to Tiffany's.

"Been there, done that." Katrina said blankly.

I rolled my eyes, "Wow. Everyone who isn't a total slut, raise your hand. Not so fast Katrina!" I smacked her hand down, although I wasn't even sure she was trying to raise it or not.

The other two raised their hands without even thinking about it, I think it's 'cause they had to deal with me for so long that they simply humored me like it was auto-pilot.

"Caesar Kaiser." A voice that was way too happy for my taste called out, "Finally, we have been just dying to get an interview with you."

I shrunk away from him, "Are you gay?"

"Caesar!" Naomi slapped my arm.

"Sorry, but I need to know these things before I talk to a dude." I eyed him warily.

Yes. I'm a homophobe.

"But what about Barry?" Naomi made a you're-kidding face.

"What about him? I know he's gay, granted it was awkward how I found out, but still." I cringed remembering the way he was staring at my ass.

"Even through his trousers, his Gluteus Maxi-"

"Yes, I am." He interrupted my thought with a laugh.

"Alright then, that's all I need." I cracked my knuckles and leaned back on my chair. "So ask your pointless questions." I flicked a piece of lint off my shirt.

He laughed again, and snapped in the air. I wasn't sure if he was signaling someone or something, but that question was answered when a cameraman hurried over carefully balancing his camera on his shoulder.

"Okay here we-"

"Wait! Let me stop you right there." I held out my hand. "I'm hungry."

The gay guy sighed and snapped his fingers; magically a plate of food was placed in front of me. "Alright continue." I said with a mouthful of bread.

"Okay here we-"

"Wait! What's your name again?" I asked. I was a bit amused, he blinked in annoyance.


"Alright continue." I nodded eating as fast as I could.

"Okay." He paused for a second to make sure I wouldn't ask for anything again. "Here we are with Caesar Kaiser on the site of his late night rendezvous with Leo Leonius. Tell us Caesar, how did you get into this zoo after hours?"

"Well Maureen, Leo Leonius is extremely fit and was able to jump over, but I had to find a hole in the gate itself."

He completely forgot how I purposely mistook his name, "Wait…like jump over the actual gate?"

"Yup." I forked some roast beef into my mouth.

"Like the nine footish gate?" He pointed at the gate surrounding us. "She jumped over that?" He looked me over, trying to determine if I was insane and whether or not it was contagious.

"Yes Marco." I pursed my lips in annoyance.

"It's Maurice." He said, he still thought that I was simply forgetting his name.

"Yeah I know." I replied not caring what his name was or not.

"Okay…" He said awkwardly. "So once you two got inside what or who did you do?" I met his smirk with a scowl of my own; he thought he was so fucking clever.

"Wow Marsupial," I shook my head in disappointment. "Not everyone is as sex-crazed as you."

'But you're one of those people that are.'

"We enjoyed a lovely evening together full of conversation and that is it." I leaned back in my chair soaking in the sun rays.

"It's Maurice." He said again a little more forcefully.

"I…don't care." I wiped my mouth with one of the napkins.

"How do you explain you two being naked and all?" He asked with that shitty attitude of his.

"For the last fuckin' time! Naked, to be without clothing or covering, we obviously still had clothes on. And she was in her bra because she was moshing at my concert and it ripped off. I gave her my jacket and we shared the jacket since it got cold and she used my t-shirt as a gauze for my hip-ish area." I lifted my shirt to make my point.

"This is Channel 4 with Caesar Kaiser; we'll be back after this." His stupid phony ass smile melted the instant the cameras stopped rolling. "Why are you being so difficult right now?" His icy glare wounded me in no way and only elicited a yawn.

I shrugged. "I dunno Mankey. Something about your voice, face combination, it's just…a bummer." I wiped at his face trying my best to erase it from existence.

"It's Maurice." He said stiffly.

"That's nice."

After a bit of a lull the camera man signaled for everything to be quiet on the set and Marcay hushed himself and plastered another bullshit grin onto his face. "Here we are again with Caesar Kaiser. Tell us Caesar, why were you hurt, did you and Leo get into a lover's spat?"

I rolled my eyes and stood up, "Look Monterey Jack, it was nice having this interview and answering all these useless questions, but this is clearly yielding nothing so I'm going." Partly true, it seemed that everything was revolving around Leo today and I was fucking sick of it.

"Bu- I- Yo-" He sputtered out, he licked at the back of my heels desperately. He stomped his little feet like a five-year old girl. "We still have to discuss the S.W.A.T. team incident and the man who save-"

I gave him a little wave, "I really have to go Melanin."

I scooted my ass faster than Le-…never mind.

I successfully escaped from the clutches of those three Devils and hid inside my safe haven, a.k.a. my hotel suite. I was in the middle of being bored and rummaging through my mind for anything that didn't remind me of that… Anyways…I was sitting around my room wearing nothing but my let-it-all-hang-out boxers with one of my friends of the origin I should never discuss to the public. That being said, let's just call him Dick 'cause it makes me laugh.

"What's wrong buddy?" Dick asked.

"I fucking hate thinking right now." I rubbed my temples in a soothing fashion.

"Password accepted." He tossed me three plastic bags from his Mary Poppin's jacket.

"What's this?" I placed one of the bags in-between my middle and index finger and flicked it upwards in range of his view.

"Oh that." Dick chuckled, "It's ecstasy, it's just colored that way to, just never mind it's fine."

"Alright then." I opened all three bags, snorted the cocaine, chewed on a few of the shrooms, popped the hits of ecstasy into my mouth like candy, washed it all down with a large swig of vodka, and closed my eyes. I was never worried about anything that Dick gave to me. I was like Keith Richards, I only took high-quality drugs and good ol' Dick was my best connection.

"Have a nice trip man." Dick slapped me on the back encouragingly and I wasn't sure what happened after that. Images of last night and regrettably, Leo meshed into one hazy ray of swirling colors and a shitload of sparkles that no one would believe unless they were on the same journey.

"Caesar! Awesome party," squealed a giggly girl voice that sent a shiver down my spine in the worst possible way. And that was the first thing I remembered when waking back up.

I widened my bleary eyes then rubbed them to get rid of the fuzziness blocking my vision. Something was different about this room. Last time I was here, I was pretty sure there wasn't a girl straddling me and there weren't half-naked people gyrating like deranged animals.

I pushed the girl off and groaned, I hated coming down. It didn't matter if the drugs were of awesome-quality or of shittiest shit-quality I always felt the urge to throw-up which of course always made me wonder if the trip was worth it or not.

"Fuck…" The appealing idea of lying down coerced me into dropping to the floor like a complete jackass. I moaned painfully, purged up all my insides, then passed out again.

I jumped back into consciousness. My head felt like one gigantic pulsating pimple, but I felt much better from when I woke up previously. The only thing was, I wasn't in my suite anymore. My shirt was ripped to shreds on the concrete floor and my hands were wet with an unknown substance. I turned my head slowly to keep it from splitting in pain. The alley I was in was shadowed from the pitch black sky, everyone was walking along, there were a lot of homeless people and a bunch of drunks so I understood completely.

I wandered around the streets, I didn't feel like calling my Angels yet, plus I didn't have my cell phone on me at the time.

"Hey! Watch it!" Some beefcake bumped into me; or rather I bumped into him. I was still pretty out of it.

"Fuck off." I grumbled out. I guess he didn't recognize me, since he decided to land a jaw-shattering punch onto the side of my face. I fell backwards, my entire body hurt before he even touched me one could only guess how I felt while I was writhing on the ground clutching my fiery cheek.

I cursed him all the way to hell and back, I was staggeringly close to blacking out again. But my inner manhood roared at the idea of fainting after one punch, although granted I was still on an ugly come down.

"What the fuck did you call me?" I inwardly cursed. Why do I talk? Honestly why?The world would still be exactly the same if I kept my mouth shut, but I mutated into the most spoiled brat, it was all I knew.

I proceeded to receive one of the worst beatings in my life. Not sure if it was on purpose or not, but he managed to avoid my blistering head making it impossible to pass out.

"Talk a lot of shit, bitch." His awful snicker was all that I was left with besides a massive headache and a broken body.

After a lot of bitching and moaning I finally sat up squinting due to a mix of darkness and pain. I grimaced as I cracked my neck and spat up a wad of bloodied mucus. I touched my bruise delicately, and smiled. I actually smiled.

'Now we have a matching set.'

'Really? That's what you're thinking about right now?'

I shrugged like that would explain it to my inner voice. I slowly stood up cracking my body in places I didn't even know could crack. "Ugh," I audibly winced. "Now to find out where I am and where I've been." I leaned over to stretch out my spinal chord to its full length.

"Hey!" My neck felt like it would snap when I moved it to the source of the voice, but I was too curious to care.

I saw a familiar face and chuckled.