It was on that day when fairy tales came true,

When little girls believed the magic in the stories.

It was what everyone had waited for.

Rows after rows, of little camp villages;

They waited patiently with their little flags posed in the air.

Golden rimmed carriages carrying precious passengers.

Her majesty, a yellow glow of happiness settling around her.

While flags waved hello and cheers of joy rang out,

The whole world sharing this moment forever.

The smile from the blushing bride and groom,

Their story lifted out of the film reels of Disney movies.

A kiss on the balcony in a moment of bliss, before another bloomed.

They flew off into the sunset in a little car that said "just wed".

I was there; among the flags, the cheers, and the flashes of photographs.

And even now a year later it still seems like the fairy tale wedding that all little girls dream of.