I feel tipped over the edge,

On the verge of imbalance.

If I could go back to that day,

Live in that carelessness for a bit longer;

Then I would in a heartbeat.

But instead we're frozen in place,

Trapped in a world no one understands.

Lost in the whirlwind of tomorrow,

Longing to forget the painful memories of yesterday;

But instead we are here in limbo.

None of us knowing where to go from here.

So if I could close my eyes and forget you, I would.

Because the only time I will see you again is now in my nightmares.

But I can't just erase it though,

Because at the time,

It was me and you against the world,

And how could I forget that?

I look at you for the last time,

Wipe the tears from my face,

Till there is no longer a trace,

Except the one locked away,

Where no one will find it.

Before I press play,

And watch your frozen lips,

Slowly mouth that word,