It was never good to hear that word.

"We used protection though!" Mason said angrily. I'd just told him I was pregnant, hours after we'd had a major fight and then gone to bed when it came to the early hours of the morning.

"Well protection doesn't always work, does it?" I replied coolly, going to turn over again when his arm grabbed mine.

"This is your fault too you know."

"How so?" I asked, wanting to hear his pathetic reasons of, "it's because you're a female…"

"Well you weren't taking any contraception." I sat up and stared at him.

"I couldn't because of Camille," I gritted through my teeth.

"As if! And just to let you know, I don't want another child, this one was hard enough," he stated, not breaking eye contact with me. My jaw dropped open.

"So you're saying Camille shouldn't be alive; is that it?" I snapped.

"No I didn't mean that I'm so sorry!" he apologized, but I just pulled my arm out of his grip sharply and went to sleep with jabbing pains in my ankle all night. I'm Demi Hall and we're both twenty two years of age and our relationship has been a little messy… but I couldn't imagine it any other way. We fit perfectly together that it would be silly to not be together. Mason, I've known since halfway through high school, has black shaggy hair and light blue eyes. We've been dating for a total of five years, as we split for three halfway through. I have dark brown wavy hair, which reaches the bottom of my neck.

Camille woke at five am, so I was rather moody when I fed her. But my moodiness disappeared when I spent time with her, it always did. I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards, so I took her out of the room, leaving Mason asleep and getting breakfast. My ankle still hurt but it was bearable. I spent the next two hours with Camille lying on me whilst I read a book to myself. Mason appeared sometime past nine am, completely forgetting I was even there. He made himself breakfast and sat down at the table, seeing me then. It was a little awkward now.

"Have a good sleep?" he asked, eating a spoonful of cereal.

"Why are you talking to me?" I said moodily.

"What kind of question is that!"

"One which you clearly don't want to answer," I muttered, turning the page.

"You know I am sorry," he said.

"About which part?" I asked, my eyes narrowed as I put the book down and sat Camille up.


"Not quite sure what everything includes," I responded as Camille stared up at me. Her blue eyes were just like Mason's; I might as well have been staring at him instead. He found it difficult to find out where to start.

"The whole fight last night and getting you pregnant… again." he said, putting his head in his hands.

"Right," I said, standing up and holding Camille to one side. I winced of pain that shot from my foot and he stood up too, making me feel a little nervous.

"And about not wanting any more ch-"

"I get it," I said sharply, going into the kitchen.


"Look, do you know what's happened to me? I can sing, I can dance, I studied both of them for the past four years, and do you know how successful that could've made me? And now it's all wasted!" He just kept his mouth shut.

"-I don't even know where I'm heading in life anymore! And then I go out with you again, big mistake, results in a child and completely kills all my shots at any career!"


"I don't know if I'm ready to start a family yet! Yet here I am, with a family! And you don't even want one!"

"SHUT UP!" He yelled, breathing heavily.

"Just stop cutting me off all the time! You've turned into some kind of psycho or something-"

"Oh I have have I?" I snapped.

"Yeah, why else would you be saying all this?"

"Uh because my life has totally been screwed up, and it's all because I got back together with you! Why I did I cannot answer-"

"You don't think those words hurt? That going out with me was a big mistake? That I've ruined your chance at success? You won't even listen to me! You don't know how much that shoots someone down!" I left the kitchen, gave Camille to him (she'd just started crying) and stormed into the bedroom. I grabbed my duffel bag and shoved all sorts of clothes into it. I then went back into the main living area and grabbed the car keys.

"Wait where are you going?" he asked, making me stop just before the door.

"Away from you," I retorted, taking the engagement ring off my finger and dropping it onto the coffee table before slamming the front door shut. I went down the stairs turning my phone off so he couldn't contact me and walked to the car, trying to fight back tears. I drove off down the road and finally pulled up into the driveway.

~Demetri's P.O.V~

There was a knock on the door and I was rather surprised that someone would be here at this hour of the morning. I opened it to find Demi standing there, looking miserable than ever.

"Demi!" I said but she looked around me.

"Um is Mom here?" she asked shakily but I shook my head. She pushed past me and dumped her bag on the couch.

"Is everything okay?" I asked concerned. She plopped onto the couch, replying softly with a 'no'. I sat down beside her, not knowing what to say. I had no idea what was up. She then rested her head on my shoulder and started telling me everything about her and Mason. I can't help them anymore…

"Demi, I know this is going to sound mean, but you have to take matters into your own hands. If you don't want another child yet, then don't have one. As for Mason… I'll talk to him, okay? But that doesn't mean it will fix everything between you two without some effort." She wrapped her arms around me and buried her head in my chest.

"I can't believe this is happening again… I had an issue and then he spoke his mind without thinking and I start questioning everything. He… I think I want something different…."

"Like what?"

"I dunno… why am I sticking with him when all we do is argue?"

"I can't answer that. Except that some good relationships need arguments to survive," I said sighing, and she stood up.

"I'm going to bed… I'll… talk to you later." I couldn't help but feel bad that I was of no greater help. I ended up calling Mason later on, and he told me pretty much the same thing as Demi. As well as he hated himself for driving Demi mad again. I didn't see Demi until two days later when she came downstairs, wiping her eyes. I was in the lounge room and decided to leave when she entered the kitchen. I had just reached my room when I realized I'd left my phone downstairs. In the kitchen. I'm not getting it back for a while then…

~Demi's P.O.V~

Well, I'd spent the past few days crying about nothing and now I decided I was hungry. Demetri's phone buzzed while I poured myself a glass of juice. I picked it up and read the message from Mason.

Mason: I miss her and don't know what to do; do you know where she went?

I decided to reply for him.

Demetri: She's here and I advise you don't come, she's feeling low right now. She'll come back when she's ready.

I left his phone and went outside to the backyard to think clearly. After I'd finished my lunch I went back inside and watched a movie. Justin and Demetri spent extra time with me for the next two days, making me forget about my worries with Mason for a few hours at a time. Demetri even fake flirted with me to get me to laugh, which I did. On Thursday night Justin ordered a large pizza and my favorite soda as a brotherly thing to do, which I appreciated. They both supported me really well and I felt so appreciative I had two amazing step-brothers who loved me.