Summary: Fifteen year-old Makailee gets sent to live with her father for the summer, while her mom is on a vacation/business trip on the other side of the country. Having not seen her father for quite a while, she figures this couldn't be too bad. To her much surprise, she enjoys it. Things get even better when she meets seventeen-year-old Declan who changes her life. But will it be for better or worse?

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The skies were getting darker. I could see the clouds covering the setting sun and the moon becoming more and more visible with each passing minute. I stepped outside my old house and heard the porch creak with each step I took. The wind blew its ice-cold air, sending chills up my arms and forming goose bumps on my skin. The cold air was unusual in early June, but it was still there.

I pulled out my phone and checked the time. It was getting late, and I wondered where my mother was. After a few more minutes, I went back inside and went up to my room. I looked into the empty bedrooms of the second floor, as I passed them. Our house had four bedrooms, though I had no idea why. I was an only child. Maybe when I was younger my parents had planned on having more children. I remember being about five or so and asking my mommy for a baby sister. But it never happened, because it was only a year later that they divorced.

My dad moved to central Texas to be closer to his family, and I barely saw him. Up until I was thirteen, I spent the majority of school breaks with him, or he came to see me. However, two years ago, I found out that he had cheated on my mother, after that, I couldn't stand to be anywhere near him. Maybe I was over reacting, but regardless, it made me sick that he could do that to his wife, especially when he had a five year old daughter. Since then, I hadn't talked to him at all, except to call on holidays and when it was his birthday.

I flipped the light-switch on in my room when I got there. Instantly, the room was alive and light shone in every corner. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, since I had just been outside. Not wanting to wait, I dimmed the lights. I turned to the left and got a pony-tail holder off my dresser so I could put my hair up. Once I did that, I went through the motions of getting ready for bed.

At about nine, I lay on my bed with my stomach down, and pulled out my laptop. Just when I logged onto FaceBook, I heard my mom come in through the front door, downstairs. She was not trying to be quiet at all. I stood up, put on my glasses, and went downstairs to ask her why she had come home so late. It was unlike her; she was usually home by seven. And if she was going to be home any later, she usually called me. However, tonight she hadn't called at all.

She was sitting on the sofa when I reached the living room. She had turned on the TV and was watching "Teen Mom". She must have had a few drinks. Her hair was pressed against her forehead in a dark sweaty mess, not at all like its usual styled self. I sat down next to her without saying anything. The speech I had prepared on the walk downstairs melted away.

My mom sat up straighter, and tried to compose herself. I mentally rolled my eyes. Yeah, okay, Mom, try to act sober. Let's see how well this works, I thought. She leaned her head back, and I could see the make-up she had worn, was smeared and was mostly worn off. I cocked my head to the side as she was looking back at me. I wondered what was going on. She only did that when she felt she had bad news.

Several times she opened her mouth as if to speak, then just closed it. I was losing patience. Finally I just said, "Oh my, God, Mom. Just tell me."

She sighed before replying, "Well. You see, Michelle wants to give me this promotion. But in order to do that, I have to go to New York for the summer. All summer. Right up until school starts again in the fall. And, you see my darling…" she trailed off. I could tell she was trying to avoid the subject. I was not in the mood for this.

"What am I seeing?" I asked, trying not to sound rude. I didn't think it worked as well as I had hoped.

"Makailee, you have to go stay with your father..." it came out in a rush, like her brain was refusing the words.

That was when my world crashed. My mind swam through what all this would mean. I had to leave. I had to go stay with my father, for the entiresummer.

"When does this start?" I carefully asked, balancing each word in my mouth.

She looked down at her hands and started playing with them. "Uhm… In four days…"

My eyes grew wide and I could feel my eyebrows raising in disbelief. "Four days? As in the number after three? One, two, three, four?"

She just nodded.

She looked down at her hands and started playing with them. "Uhm… In four days…"

My eyes grew wide. "Four days? As in the number after three? One, two, three, four?"

She just nodded.

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