My name is Emily Hamilton and I moved from Texas to New York City five years ago. Like every other 16-year-old I am in high school. Me and my best friend, Macy Grover, have so much in common: we both like pizza, our favorite color is blue and, most importantly, we are huge fans of 'Strike Up'. It is a boy band of five members who play pop, soft rock, R&B and dance. Their ages range between 16 and 17.

Three months ago no one knew our names and in the eyes of the popular students we were stupid and with no life. 'Strike Up', my determination and Macy's creativity were what changed how the other students look at us. Today we are no longer left out or picked on.

Whenever Macy and I went to the Mall, we had to buy every magazine or poster that had to do with Strike Up. They were very popular in New York; after all, it is the place where they started. Only two members of the band were from New York: Wade Jackson and Jaden Thompson. The others were: Andrew Temple from Michigan, Mason Radford from Tennessee and Nolan Kaiser from Ohio.

I liked them all but my favorite was Jaden; brown hair, grey eyes and slightly dark skin. The best thing I liked about him was the way he flipped his hair to the side when he performed. His hair was not long but it was long enough to be flipped. Macy's favorite was Nolan; black hair, brown eyes and copper-skinned. Wade had red hair, light brown eyes and very pale skin. Andrew had blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Mason had brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin.

Now here's the story of how our lives changed…