Hey you –
you know who you are
I wanted to tell you
I'm over you
I'm over what you did to me

I just couldn't put the words,
the pen to paper
I can't forgive you
for what you did to me

Maybe it's wrong
it's been years now
but I still have questions
They must be answered
before I move on

Did you think you were the first?
to hurt me?
Did you think you'd be the last?
Why did you pick me?
(because I'd never tell?)
Do you ever regret what you said and did?
Do you ever feel bad
for destroying my life?

Eight years of therapy
Eight years of pain
Eight years of hate
unanswered questions

Funny thing is
you didn't really hurt me
not then
you just made me start
killing myself
from the inside out

The blood didn't come till later
The self-blame started after you left
And what I hate the most
is that I didn't hate you
until years later
just me

So I'm not over you
or what you did to me
I still hurt inside
it's still destroying my life
I still hate you
and I still hate that I hate myself
and I don't know if I can ever forgive you