When Will Be

The last time you play with my heart

The day I finally give up on loving you

When you finally admit we are meant to be

When will you stop breaking my heart

Even if you do put it back together

When will you see my tears

And feel bad

Why do you keep this game going

If it hurts me

Because it does…more than I let show

Do I hurt you

I try to

Yes I do

I want to make you see what you will miss

Even if it isn't much too miss,

What you don't want

I keep saying I will stop

But you have enough power to make me change my mind



And again

Last time, the time before that and the time after this

You won't let me go

So where does that leave us

I don't want to leave and you don't want me too

But you still don't play by the rules

When will the day come that you will finally leave my heart so broken

It can't be fixed

Not even by you