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Chapter 19:


A precipitous itch on my arm awoke me, only this time it was light out. The sun was shining brightly through the thin skin of my closed eyes. With much poise, I slowly opened my eyes and shifted my head over a little to the side. A beam of light crossed in my eyes. I moved my head back into the shadows.

I then peered down at my arm, where the tickle sensation had arisen from. There was a mosquito slowly sucking away as much of my blood as it could take. Without hesitating, I quickly slapped my arm, however I was too slow, still adjusting from my heavy sleep. The mosquito swiftly flew away into the brush, now that it had its share of blood from me.

"Good morning." A harmonious voice unexpectedly spoke.

I instantly glanced over at him; he was not behind me as he once was the night before. He was resting up against a tree across from me. I felt slightly embarrassed as I forgot about his presence upon me.

"I went for a walk." He stated while slightly grinning back at me, observing my confusion I must have had on my face. However, it sounded like a false excuse to me.

The woods were not quiet. Morning birds were singing merrily to each other all around us. Squirrels were chasing each other up the trees. There were strange bugs flying around, all making different sounds, giving the forest life.

"What time of day is it?" I asked him and yawned as I covered my mouth.

"The sun rose some time ago, it's still early morning." He answered while glimpsing around us and then fixed his dark eyes back on me.

I stretched my arms and legs. I then felt my head; the bandage was still there from yesterday. I slowly started untying the bonds.

Orion maintained his focus on me, never breaking eye contact.

"Can I please take it off? I feel somewhat well now." Referring to the bandages as I suspected they made me look strange as how they felt on my head.

He sighed and nodded. "If you wish."

I then untied the bandages faster until they were completely off. I felt my head with my hand once they were removed; the depression was still there, and would probably remain there for the rest of my life. I put my hands back on the ground and was growing ready to stand up.

"We can go." I spoke and got to my feet, feeling healthier than yesterday.

He gave me an inquisitive look. "I see you're giving orders, then?" He mocked and got up and paced over to the horses and untied them. I went over with him and took Fiero's reins and began walking in an unknown direction.

"Which way did we come from?" I asked, suddenly not knowing where I was going. I looked back at him, after he wasn't saying anything.

His eyes became slightly wide, as if he was remembering something, then he quickly answered motioning to the left, "This way."

He led the way now, he walked in a different direction than where I was going, but he was acting very odd. He would turn around occasionally and look at me strangely as we walked.

"What's wrong?" I finally asked.

Then he appeared puzzled. He waited until I caught up to him and he walked by my side.

"Are you…" He paused. "Shaken?"

He looked at me. He seemed to be searching my face for anything, but I did not understand what he was grasping at.

"Why would I be shaken? My head feels fine, at least it does so right now." I uttered.

According to his expression, that wasn't the answer he was looking for. "Last night you were terrified." He said. "I'm not implying your injury."

"Then what do you mean?" I asked.

His eyes broadened, dismay crossing his face. He looked away from me and stared straight ahead. "We have to be quick with the remainder of this trip." He said sharply. There was a moment of silence, "You are already losing accounts of your memory." He muttered quietly. "I should have taken you when you were asleep."

I peered over at him, now I was baffled. "What do you mean…losing my memory?" I asked, unable to hide the quiver in my voice.

"Do you remember what happened last night?"

"Yes, we left the tavern, and then stopped out here in the woods and while we were to rest."

He shook his head, "Then what happened?" He smirked, as if he was becoming amused, which made me slightly angry. I did not find this conversation even slightly amusing.

"Then I woke up," I paused. He looked over at me, his eyes were full of curiousness. "And I… saw you sitting across from me." I said in a small voice, now knowing now that there was something missing. Something that did not make sense.

He groaned, "Nothing else?"

"I don't believe so." I whispered.

He didn't say respond to me then. We kept on walking and finally found the opening that lead back to the main trail.

"What happened?" I asked, recognizing something was awfully wrong.

He didn't say anything at first. He helped me mount my horse and then got on his.

"There was a nuisance late last night while you were awake. You sure you don't remember anything? Perhaps you were too exhausted to remember." Although his voice sounded doubtful.

"I don't think I do."

"Let's just go." He ordered.

He waited for me to go and stayed by my side while we were riding. The morning's cool air hit my face and it felt very refreshing.

I glanced over at Orion.

What happened last night? I tried contemplating. I remember not knowing where I was going in the woods, and it was especially dark. Then Orion came back to me after he tied the horses up and then I slept, in his arms. But that was mainly what I could think of. Perhaps it's just better that I don't remember, and a nuisance? Possibly it would be in my best interest that I don't know.

We rested once more before we arrived at Ciyra. From far away I could see the castle. It was merely beautiful.

As we drew nearer to the town, we came across various crop fields with many farmers working in them. There were many people working in each section of the fields, all with different tools.

Moments later, we came to the town's wall. There was a gate with soldiers positioned all around. Was it safe that Orion was coming back here?

We stopped at the stables and guided our horses in. There were so many horses in the stables. There were also mules, camels, and donkeys. I had never seen so many. There was even a whole other stable for the animals. I guess Ciyra needs it, with such a large population.

After Orion finished tying the horses up and secured his gear, we left the stables and walked to the front gate. Everyone entering the town was being stopped by the guards for checks.

"Orion, are you…?" I whispered to him, not needing to finish my sentence for him to understand my concern.

"It's fine, the master informed us that there is nothing out on me." He said quietly, leaning over to whisper back. He walked very close by my side.

We patiently waited until it was our turn to be checked in. There were so many people, so many voices; but I never felt safer. There were five guards passing people in and there were another set of guards all around keeping order it seemed.

Once it was our turn, the guard looked at me, he quickly spoke. "Pass." His voice was toneless. He looked up at Orion. He did not say anything as he continued to look Orion up and down. He then seemed to notice that I was waiting for him.

"Pass." The guard said tonelessly, once again.

Orion paced forward to my side, and we stepped into the enormous town. We moved away from all the people that were by the gate and into a less populated area. We didn't walk into the town's main plaza, instead we went to the right.

However, a voice from behind us startled me.

"Hey you, wait!" I heard a man yell from behind.

Orion quickly turned around. I did as well but not as fast. A different guard with a sword in hand was marching towards us.

The guard had his fix on Orion and narrowed his eyes, "Haven't we met before?" He pointed his sword's tip at Orion. I knew Orion would not be overly fond of this man's encroachment. I could feel Orion's tension pouring all over me.

Orion calmly responded, "Possibly, but I do not see what the hindrance is."

The guard then smiled, but not a warm smile, more of a vile smile. "Ah, it's you." He finally proclaimed. "You're the trouble maker who I came across before." He said, moving closer.

My brows furrowed. Did he know what Orion did? My body became distressed. So many thoughts crossed my mind, not one of them were optimistic.

"Remember this?" The guard asked Orion. He pointed the sword's tip towards Orion's chest, however Orion didn't back away from it.

I wrapped my arm around Orion's arm, trying to calm him. "Let's go." I tried to pull him away, but he wouldn't budge. His muscles were tensed as I felt through his cloak. It was like trying to move a boulder. He then vigorously shook my grasp from him, not leaving the guards gaze. I backed away from him, unsure of what was going to happen.

The guard then looked at me and pointed the sword in my direction, "You brought a little harlot with you, how fortunate. When you're done with her make sure to let me have a go." A wicked smile crossed his face, leaving me disgusted. Now was the time to go, I reasoned.

I wasn't as close to Orion anymore but I abruptly heard a fast clicking noise. It sounded like Orion took out his knife, except his hands were both at his side. Whatever it was, the guard didn't notice. The guard began laughing and turned around while mumbling to himself.

I wanted to go and pull on Orion's arm once more, to stop him, but I was too late. Orion all at once went up behind the guard and wrapped his hand around the guard's mouth. He jammed his hidden blade into the back of the man's head. I didn't even know he had the gauntlet on. Blood poured back onto Orion's hand, staining his white cloak's sleeve. The man fell swiftly without sound.

Orion dropped down with the lifeless body and began dragging it out of the deserted street and threw the man's body behind some wooden crates that were stacked up along the road.

My eyes were widened in shock, unable to undertake what just transpired. It happened so fast as if nothing had happened at all. My hand was covering my mouth, which was unpleasantly hanging open.

Orion turned around and glared at me, his eyes dark. I was frozen in place, still unable to comprehend the situation. He quickly came to me and grabbed my arm and walked me away from the scene. No one else was around to see. As if being compelled, I followed him without question.

He led me down the street. I didn't know where we were going. After a while of walking, I finally calmed down and walked normally. He wasn't holding on to me anymore. I still had no words at the moment, or couldn't find myself to speak up. I also couldn't help but stare at his hand which was red with blood still dripping from it.

Unaware that we had stopped, I looked up at Orion was peering back at me, noticing that I had been staring at his hand. I glanced away from his harsh glare and in front of us was an older building, above the door it read: Distant Infirmary. I sighed and walked up the stairs with him and into the front door.

"Doesn't my father want us there at this moment? It might take a while in here." I said as he shut the door behind us.

"I may have been dishonest with you. Your father actually said tomorrow. I wanted to leave early."

The waiting room was dark with people, or rather patients, sitting on benches. It smelled of old clothes, and dust in here. The windows were all open, due to the heat.

A man at a countertop greeted us.

"Welcome!" He said. He was a tall and somewhat skinny man. He had on a white cloak, not like Orion's, it looked more curative. He smiled when he looked at me but faded when he turned to Orion.

He continued on, "My name is Gabriel. Now, what city are you from?" He asked. This was not the town's actual medical spot, it was only for outsiders. But it has everything the town's main one has, it lacks nothing, I'd assume.

"Kaladia." Orion answered the man's question rather quickly.

"What seems to be the problem?" Gabriel asked. He looked at me first and then back at Orion and instantly saw the blood on his cloak's wrist. His eyes broadened, seeming to have found the problem.

"She…" Orion paused until Gabriel looked back at me, "...is the one in need of attention. She fell and hit her head."

Gabriel looked back at me, "Ah, which is something very serious. But I can't just forget about all the others who have come in before you. You're going to have to wait." He said, feeling a little distrust towards Orion it appeared. He turned around and began walking down the hall that led to a room.

"I'm afraid we have no time." Orion frigidly spoke, keeping his voice down.

Gabriel turned around. Fear was in his eyes. Orion reached for something in his bag. Gabriel took a step back and slowly began raising his hands, as in defense. Orion smirked and instead of pulling out a knife as I suspected, he pulled out a small bag of coins. He placed the bag on the counter.

Gabriel lowered his guard and walked back over to the bag of money. He opened it and his eyes widened.

"You'll receive another after we're done." Orion stated.

Gabriel closed the small bag quickly and quietly motioned for Orion and me to follow him. We walked down the hall that Gabriel had already begun to walk down. He led us to a small room at the end. He let Orion and I enter first.

"I'll be back." Gabriel assured us and then walked back down the hall and into a different room.

This room was small, and it was also very frightening, at least to me. In the middle of the room was a bed, not the kind at home, but for the patients. Next to the bed was a high table that was all scuffed up. There were candles burning all over, making the room as bright as could be. The floor boards screeched with every step I took.

Gabriel returned within a minute. He was carrying a large bag. He walked past us and went to the high table and brought objects out of the bag.

Without looking up at us, he spoke, "What kind of symptoms has she been showing?" He was obviously asking Orion.

"She has a hematoma." Orion's voice was hard, without listing off my symptoms.

The doctor stopped fiddling in his bag and looked up at Orion, "Are you sure?" He asked puzzled.

"Most certainly."

"So she has been dizzy, tired…all the normal kind of things?" The doctor asked. "There was bleeding, yes?"

"Yes, yes." Orion said in an irritated voice, "Just get on with it before it's too late." He ordered. "I don't want to be killed myself."

Gabriel went on without any questions.

The doctor then walked up to me and stood only a couple inches away and began to inspect my face. His eyes examined all the features of my face as his hands felt under my throat. His hands then made their way to the top of my head where he quickly found the injury.

"Ow!" I yelled as his hands traveled a little too far and harsh.

"Sorry, dear." His hands left my head and he strolled back over to his bag.

I quickly looked at Orion, he was leaning back against the wall. His last words were beginning to sink in. It seemed like he was rushing me here only to save himself from my father. What did I even mean to him now? Has he only been using me this whole time to advance with my father? Was that first kiss even real to him? All of these thoughts were suddenly hitting me. Orion looked at me now, his expression was aggravated.

Gabriel cut into my thoughts, "You do know that this is a very critical operation, especially with the head. I have only done 15 blood removals throughout this profession and only 8 had survived." He said, his voice didn't sound so concerned with me, but with Orion. I did not like those chances at all. And what would Orion do if I died here?

"Well, you better hope she survives." Orion spoke and took out a knife, carefully looking it over. Staring at Orion's knife, Gabriel speedily began pacing around gathering his materials.

"Orion," I began, "I don't have to do this, and if we give it time, I'm sure it will go away." The thought that he didn't care about me crossed my mind once more, making my body ache.

Orion didn't look at me, his eyes were kept on the doctor. "It won't go away." The doctor nodded in agreement, who seemed to have uneasy steps.

"I'm going to need help." Gabriel muttered, looking at the door. "I should go and get…"

"I can help you." Orion replied immediately. "You'll stay here."

Gabriel looked at him and sighed, "I guess, you seem to know quite a bit about this. Just let me go and grab a few more things and to tell Greta I'm going to be in here for some time. She's my assistant. Please dear, can you sit up on here?" He asked me, patting the bed. He walked away to the door and left.

I went and sat on the edge of the bed. Orion was next to the door, waiting for the doctor to return. I looked at him and made my eyes look sad. I was shaking; seven people had died from this operation? I didn't even know what it was that they were going to do to me.

"There is nothing to worry yourself about, I promise." He spoke quietly, finally looking at me.

I didn't want to argue, he would not listen to me anyway. I balled my hands into fist as I heard the doctor's steps draw nearer to the room. But they stopped and I heard them go away in a different direction.

Relief filled me. I might have a little longer before he comes back.

"I apologize." Orion spoke once more and was looking down at the ground now, speaking through his teeth. "I should not have done that in front of you before."

I knew what he was talking about, when he killed the guard.

"It's alright." I answered sharply. "As long as my father doesn't know about it."

Orion's expression became entirely confused as he stared at me.

"What do you mean?" He demanded.

"You know what I speak of. Everything you do is only for my father. You don't actually care for me." I mumbled. "It all makes sense now. It wouldn't mean anything to you if I died, only what my father would do to you." I felt the tears begin to build up in my eyes.

He opened his mouth to say something but Gabriel precipitously entered the room. He carried a canteen filled with some sort of liquid and a few trays. He placed them on the high table. He pulled something else out of his bag; it was another canteen, but it was very small. He poured its contents all into a small cup and handed it to me.

"Drink all of this." He ordered. "And don't worry, dear. We're going to take good care of you. No tears." He inquired, noticing my eyes.

I looked at the cup; it was a light, gold color liquid.

"Don't smell it, just drink it quickly." Gabriel ordered, he looked back at all of his things and straightened them out.

I did as he said and drank the fluid without smelling it. I drank about ¾ of it and began choking. Orion got off the wall and stood on the other side of the bed. I spit the remaining of the liquid out of my mouth and onto the floor, it was terrible.

"That's good enough for now." Gabriel said and grabbed the cup away from me. "This will make you sleep for a while. I can't promise it will be painless, but it's the least I can do. Now lay down."

Gabriel helped me lay back down on the bed as a sudden dizziness made its way to my mind. I felt Orion's hand touch my arm, felt his fingers brush my skin making me shiver. He did it so unnoticeably, but I felt it.

I could still taste the sickening liquid in the back of my mouth. I felt it slowly make its way to my stomach and wherever else it was going.

The room began to spin and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I was looking up at Orion, maybe he would be the last person I would ever see. Darkness was clouding my vision. I tried to keep my eyes open but my body forced them shut.

Then I entered a deep sleep.

I don't know if I have ever been close to death before, or if death has just been all around me. It seems bad things happen more than good things when you think about it. But usually when a really bad thing happens, a good thing is soon to come.

This time, sleeping has never been like any other time that I had slept. It felt like every dream I was having was a nightmare, not one had been good. A dream that I can remember was this; I was walking in the streets of Kaladia, but there was no one outside, I was all alone. It was dark out, but then these lionesses' came out of nowhere. They weren't ferocious; no, they were calm and peaceful. They walked around streets and slept. When the male lion came, however, he went into the main plaza of Kaladia and laid down in the middle of the square. Within seconds, his body spontaneously started to burn. He laid there as if nothing was happening. When the fired ceased, all the female lions went and mourned around his ashen body. When they were done, they all turned around and looked at me.

But that's where that dream ended.

Now I felt something smooth brush my skin on my arm. I'm not sure if I was dreaming or not. It was hard to tell. All my dreams so far were not this pleasing, but maybe they were beginning to. Or perhaps I did not make it and I would dream forever now.

My eyes felt like they could open, so I tried. They gradually opened and were met with a dim light. I closed my eyes again, the light seemed like it was really bright, even though I knew it was only a candle. I opened them once again, prepared for the light. At first it was a blur, but then things came into view.

I remembered this room, even though it was dark. It was the same room I closed my eyes to from before.

That's right; I remembered…I was taken here by Orion, to get my head fixed.

My eyes were fully open now and could see clearly. It was very quiet, but a soft noise next to me came about. I looked over to my left. Orion was sleeping with his head on my bed, his hood was down. His arms were both wrapped under his head as a pillow. His hand was right next to my arm; I wasn't dreaming before. He was sitting on a chair that he must have brought in.

My arm moved a little bit, away from his arm. I was going to try to sit up, however he woke up in an instant. He looked up at me right away with lethargic eyes.

I giggled. I never felt so awake in my life.

He smiled, that one smile I would rarely see. Butterflies filled my stomach.

"How are you feeling?" He asked in a sleepy voice.

"Very well." I admitted.

"What do you remember?" Once again he became inquiring, waiting for my response.

"Mmm, you slain two men the other day." I said simply. I don't know how I remembered it, but it all came back to me. I was actually surprised with myself. There was someone else in the woods that night, I don't know who but Orion dealt with him. And in the city he took care of the malicious guard.

He seemed impressed, though he didn't say anything.

"Is it night time?" I asked.

"I'm not exactly sure." He trailed off.

That was another one of my stupid questions. How would he even know, he was asleep. It was dark out anyway.

I noticed that my head was hurting just a little. I reached up and felt it. There were some new bandages wrapped around it. They were itchy and I didn't like them there, I wanted to take them off. But that probably would not be a good idea.

"How did the operation go?" I asked. It must have went well if I'm still alive, but I was curious.

"It went just as planned, everything was attentively. You should sleep some more." Orion said, sitting up straight in the chair now.

"But I'm not tired, I feel like I've been asleep for years."

He raised an eyebrow, but stood up and slowly walked out of the room. He came back in seconds, still walking slow, and sat back down in the chair.

"Well the sun is starting to rise. That means you've been asleep for almost 18 hours." He said.

My eyes widened, I've slept so long in these past couple of days. I don't understand how someone could sleep for so long. I wonder what Orion did in that time.

"Then I'm most certainly getting up." I announced. My body felt really stiff when I tried to raise my arms and chest up, but I didn't let it bother me.

"What do you plan on doing?" He asked. "You can't go outside, there is a curfew."

"That doesn't stop you." I teased.

He rolled his eyes, "But you're not me. You have awhile until the sun comes up and the curfew is raised. We're following the rules now."

"I'm tired of sleeping, if that makes any sense." I sat up fully on the small bed, letting my legs hang over the edge. My throat felt really dry then. "Is there water anywhere?" I suddenly asked.

"On the other side of you." He answered, looking past me at the high table.

I looked over to my right and there was a cup on the table. I reached over and grabbed it. I smelled it, just in case it was that sleeping stuff again. But it smelt like nothing. I took a small drink, it was water. I took another big gulp and set the water back on the stand.

The next thing I remembered was Orion's comment to Gabriel before the operation about him not wanting to be killed evidently by my father. A wall of anger suddenly hit me and my mood rapidly changed.

"Now that I'm all better, you can bring me to my father and be rid of me." I sneered.

"What?" He asked, appearing puzzled by my demand.

"I know your game, Orion. Like I said before, I'm nothing to you." I choked out.

"What nonsense is this?" His tone suddenly becoming loud, full of ire.

"You spoke it yourself. You don't want to be killed. If anything gets messed up with me, it seems as though my father will punish you severely, even kill you and that seems to be all you care about. So you make me believe you have an interest in me so it will make things easier for you. By me fancying you, there is less to worry about with my father."

Without letting me continue, he rapidly raised his hands and spoke, "Columba, none of that is true." He serenely replied. "It is right that I worry about my life as it is in your father's hands, but that does not change any feelings that have arisen from spending time with you. It is a complicated situation, one that I never expected, but please believe that your life is valued to me. Over my own in fact."

"Then why the remark before?" I asked, tears filling my eyes again.

"I was stressed and it was enough to convince Gabriel to do his best as his life would also be in balance." He answered. "Now erase this foolish thought from your mind."

"I'm sorry." I quickly responded. However, I still wasn't feeling comforted by it yet.

"So, we'll leave when the sun is fully up?" I asked, wanting to change the subject to avoid any more ineptness between us.

He nodded.

I sighed and lied back down on the bed. I looked over at him, "Where is my father?" I softly asked.

"At the Bureau in town." He replied quietly.

There was a soft knock on the door's frame and Orion and I both looked over at the door. Gabriel was standing outside the door gazing in.

"How's she…" He looked from Orion to me and smiled, "How are you doing, dear?" He asked in a calm voice.

I smiled back, "I feel great."

"Well, that's splendid to hear." His voice sounded cheerfully. "Your friend was sure a good helper, we could use someone like him around here. Hell, he could even replace me and run the place by himself." He peered over at Orion.

"Not a chance." Orion answered Gabriel's unspoken question. I notice Orion's voice wasn't harsh anymore around Gabriel, or so it seemed.

"As you wish." Gabriel then walked slowly away from the door. Walking away, I could hear him mutter, "Such a waste of talent."

After it was quiet, Orion spoke. "That man is far superior to any other, he truly is noble. He came in here every so often to check up on you, even though I was already in here."

"He does seem really compassionate." I agreed.

"Shame I have to kill him..." He whispered under his breath.

I threw a revolting glance at him. I began panicking. "What?!" I asked in a low, harsh voice. "Orion! You just can't…"

"I'm joking." He said quietly, hushing me. He began laughing quietly.

I glared at him, "That wasn't funny." I muttered reaching over to hit his shoulder, yet he pulled away avoiding my blow and gave me a slight grin.

I turned away from him and looked at the other side of the room. There was nothing really over here, just the high table with my water on it. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. The bed was very comfy, but I just couldn't sleep. It was just like that at the Inn we went to.

Minutes went by and I still couldn't sleep. Feeling lonely on this side, I rolled my body over to face Orion again. But he was gone. The chair was empty.

I sat up on my side and looked around the room. The couple of candles that were lit were growing dimmer and dimmer, and the room was getting dark. But the window that was outside the room was starting to glow from the morning's sun.

What if Orion was serious, what if he really was going to kill the doctor. I don't think he would lie to me, but that's one person who he can't kill.

I moved my legs off the bed and let them fall on the floor. I stood up and walked to the door. I looked out the window that was outside the room and there was a glow behind the huge wall of the city. The window was open just a little and a cool, gentle wind came in. I inhaled, it smelt so good to breathe in fresh air.

I turned around and walked down the hallway. All the doors to the other rooms were shut, so I kept on walking straight. I came out to the lobby, where we first entered the place. Orion was standing out here, he wasn't surprised when he saw me walk in. He was looking at a chart beside the front door. I don't know what the chart said from far away.

"You're father will think we left last night if we go there now." He said, glancing at me and then returning his gaze to the chart.

"We can just tell him that we stopped at an Inn, he'll believe that." Then I thought of something, "But maybe the guards back at the fortress will tell him that we left two days ago."

"They won't, if they know what's good for them." Orion said. "But we can tell him that we stopped many times, he'll understand."

He then turned around to face me.

"Where is Gabriel?" I asked.

He laughed and rolled his eyes, "He's up stairs." He nodded to the small staircase.

Alive, I hope.

It still would be quite some time before the sun was fully risen, perhaps 30 more minutes. I turned around and walked back down the hall and entered the room where I had been out for the longest time. But then I backed up and went back over by the window that was facing the sun.

I leaned my body against the wall and looked out the window, waiting for the sun to come up. I could hear birds through the opened window. I starred at the city's wall. How could the people know when the sun came up with the wall there? I guess maybe the ones in the taller buildings could know.

I tapped my fingers on the windowsill. Now that I was waiting for the sun to rise, it seemed like it wouldn't.

I felt another breeze on me, a warm one. It was on my neck and made my skin crawl. I did not turn around because I knew exactly what it was. It was Orion's warm, sweet breath on my neck.

"It's not going to come up any sooner." He whispered into my ear.

"It has to eventually." I whispered back.

I felt his arms gently wrapped themselves around my waist. He slowly turned me around to face him. I looked up at his eyes, they were like fire with the sun's glow reflecting off of them. I wanted to reach up and touch his perfect hard face. I wanted to take his hood down so I could see his light brown hair better.

He drew me closer to him. His scent was intoxicating, hopefully it wasn't a blood smell… no it was his own scent.

My face became red and warm from his closeness. It was such a wonderful feeling. One of his arms left my waist and came up my back slowly until he found the back of my head. He began pulling my head closer to his, only faster than usual. Within seconds, our lips met and he kissed me long and deep.

He wasn't as careful as he usually was when he kissed me, but it did not bother me at all. I felt his arm tighten around my waist. I moved my hands up to the back of his head and his hood fell like I wanted it to before. His hair felt so soft and nice, my fingers couldn't get enough of it.

He then slowed down and eventually stopped. He back slightly away from me, my eyes were still closed, waiting for him to speak.

"We can go now, I suppose." He whispered.

I smiled. My eyes opened slowly and I looked up at him. His eyes were warm and stunning. He unwillingly let go of me and backed slowly away. He walked into the room that I slept in and grabbed his bag. I waited by the window for him, he came back out and walked down the hall. I walked by his side. When we reached the front door, he threw his head down rapidly so his hood would fall over it. He quickly looked up and opened the door.