The Princess and the Bandit

Note: This is a girls love and lactation story. If those themes do not interest you then please do not read this story.

Life is easy when you're a princess.

I wake when I wish, am greeted with the finest of foods while being waited on by a battalion of handmaidens and eunuchs, and my only duty is to attend my studies. I listen to lectures on geography, mathematics, history, art, and, most importantly, the meaning of the Recitación, the words of the grand prophet Alabar-sama detailing the laws of Eldios-sama. While I love all of my studies, it is the reading of the Recitación that I cherish the most, to be made aware of the love Eldios-sama has for me. I have been told by Father that I am to spread the works of Eldios-sama through good works, so I must become an expert in the Recitación, to know it as well as any priest does. I suffer from the sin of impatience though, and I find myself wishing too fondly to leave my easy life behind to begin my work.

That afternoon I read the Recitación outside by the reflecting pond Father had built for me in the garden. I lounged upon a pale crimson sofa, handmaidens fanning me with palm leaves. Since they were women I had discarded my veils and hoods, dressed only in my bedlah so that I could enjoy the cool air on my bare skin. I was absorbed in one of my favorite tales, when Alabar-sama traveled to the distant Anyasi Kingdom to the south of my Arena Kingdom to pass on the word of Eldios-sama. The descriptions of the proud black-skinned Anyasi and their pyramids towering over the grasslands always produced a shiver of excitement in me for it all sounded so exotic. Most shocking of all was that the Anyasi had strange woman warriors, which offended Eldios-sama and he at first wished to punish them, but Alabar-sama argued that unnatural as it was, the Anyasi would best serve as friends to Arena Kingdom. Eldios-sama changed his mind and agreed but commanded that his followers to build temples in Anyasi Kingdom, which lead to our kingdoms become distant allies.


A bit startled, I looked up to see one of the handmaidens, a very young one perhaps twelve-years-old, come running up to me, her white robes fluttering in the breeze. She clutched a pot with a wilted flower inside to her bosom. She panted and bowed her head deeply to me.

"Please speak," I told her.

"Princess-sama!" She thrust out her pot, allowing me to see that the flower was indeed in very poor shape. "Please forgive me for my forwardness, but my flower is dying in spite of all I do for it! Would you consider to use your miracle to help it?"

I smiled inwardly, for I take a guilty pleasure in exercising the miraculous gift Eldios-sama saw fit to grant me. It must be sinful to enjoy the gift as much I do though, turning such a power into mere pleasure. I gave a little sigh and set the Recitación down before taking the poor flower. The pot was smooth and red, the earth inside healthy yet the flower inside was quite dead.

"It's not my miracle," I told the handmaidens. "I am but a vessel for Eldios-sama's will, and I am only a woman at that. It is his miracle to give and take at his whim."

I moved from the sofa to a small marble pedestal rising from the pond where I set the flower. Holding my arms out, one of the handmaidens slid my brassiere down to expose my heavy bosom. The newer handmaidens gasped at the enormity my breasts possessed. I tried not to feel pride in their stares, to ignore the arousal in my loins, trying to look casual as I massaged my right breast. I could not suppress a tiny sigh of relief as my fingers stimulated the soft flesh. My breast was hot, my nipples engorged. Another light kneading and alabaster drops of milk, like fine pearls, emerged from the tip. I leaned over the flower and gently milked myself onto it, a light spray covering the wilted plant and soaking the earth it grew in. I wanted to let more milk out for it had been a time since last expressing any and it was starting to build up inside, but I was conservative with the miracle. I did not wish to make a mess and embarrass myself.

That done, I backed up and had a handmaiden wipe the little bit of milk hanging off my nipple with a towel, and I slid my brassiere back on. The younger handmaiden cried out in surprise. I looked up to see life returning to the flower, age reversing itself so it became a healthy bloom once more. I smiled, always glad to see the fruits of my milk.

"Thank you so much, Princess-sama!" she said, and the other handmaidens all began to praise me.

"Princess Jazmín-sama is blessed my Eldios-sama!"

Their praise made my heart swell. "Let us pray together," I suggested. "We are all grateful for Eldios-sama's love."

We bowed deeply together, whispering our chants of praise for a minute, before standing up again. I stretched my arms and looked into the pond. A blue-eyed fifteen-year-old maiden with azure hair in a thick braided ponytail dressed in a pale-blue bedlah, sapphire jewels in his hair, headband, navel, and belt looked back, her breasts overflowing her tight brassiere. They wobbled slightly with every move I made. Was it any wonder I was not to go uncovered before innocent men? I would drive them to uncontrollable lust. Father and my future husband were the only men that could lay eyes on my uncovered form.

I sighed and returned to the sofa, my breasts having less pressure on them, but I wished to express more milk. I hoped that Father knew of a new planned agricultural site because I felt I would be producing vast quantities of milk soon. Father knew to put my milk to good use, fertilizing new farmland to make Arena Kingdom the agricultural power of the known world.

After a cool bath, I told Father I would sleep for the night. I could not though. I walked through my perfumed chamber, enjoying the sent of jasmine. I stepped to the balcony, my veils discarded to fully feel the night. I inhaled, my bosom pushing against my straining brassiere. Frowning, I pulled it off and dropped it to the floor, allowing my soft orbs to jiggle free. My left hand began to slowly knead my breasts, my right creeping unconsciously to my burning sex. Eldios-sama, forgive me for the shameless display! You asked us to be strong and resist empty carnal temptations, but I am only a young woman! My desires overpower my reason at times.

I panted softly as I pleasured myself. I squeezed milk from my nipples, forcing them to spray lightly. My hand entered my trousers, fingers sinking into my dripping slit. Would this be like when my husband would take me? No, it had to be much better than this, more pure. Love, not lust.

A light clank in front of me startled me from my filthy revere. My eyes caught a small metal hood caught on the balcony's edge, and a grunt from just below reached my ears. An intruder was scaling the wall! With me exposed and helpless! I threw my arms over my breasts to at least hide my shame a little and backed into my chamber just as a dark slim figure climbed over the balcony edge.

"What?" a girl's voice asked in dismay. "The princess is awake?"

I blinked, stopping dead in my tracks. The invader was a woman? I could not believe it! She stepped into the dimly-lit bed chamber with me, and I could make out that she was shamelessly uncovered, wearing simple trousers and a vest like a man! Her black hair was short like a boy's with what appeared to be a red bandanna tied around it, and her lean body was toned in a most unwomanly fashion. Her skin was a light brown, much darker than mine but not dark enough to be an Anyasi. Most peculiar though were her breasts—they were nearly the size of mine yet only a ragged red vest covered them. She looked to be around my own age. Her greedy eyes darted about, taking in the chamber and me. I swallowed nervously. What derangement lead the girl to go around dressed like a boy and to sneak onto the grounds of El Alcázar?

"I was hoping you were sleeping, Princess-sama," she said in a coarse, mocking tone. "I'd hoped to glimpse your beauty as I snatched the jewels right off your bod. I'm not disappointed to see you though."

She leered at me as though I were a piece of meat. How I wished I had kept my veils! I felt so exposed before the perverted criminal!

"I'd be fine if you called your guards on me right now," she said. "If I escaped with only the memory of your huge tits I'd be a happy thief! Though I'd love to get a taste of that legendary milk of yours too..."

"I shall scream and summon the royal guard," I warned. "You may be given some mercy as a woman, but do not expect too much!"

She laughed mirthlessly. "Your guards are why I'm now a thief!" she spat. "I don't expect any mercy from pigs who think women are toys!" She glared balefully at me. "Do you know what those guards do when no one's looking? They take what they want from the poor, especially from women! They even—"

She fell silent and trembled, shutting eyes to cut off a painful memory. I stared, unbelieving.

"No, they would never do that," I said. "They should know that Eldios-sama would banish their souls to the World of Devils for the violation of women!"

"Not when the woman can't find a veil to hide under!" she growled. Her eyes filled with tears. "I've got a son now, but I can barely feed him! So I take what I need from parasites like you!"

Parasite? I grew indignant. "Listen, my poor subject," I tried to reason as evenly as I could, "Eldios-sama blessed me to help our crops grow. I'm hardly idle."

"Fair enough," she grumbled. "Still, you've no idea what it's like for me and the rest living in the slums."

I sat upon a red cushion, and motioned for her to sit too. "Please tell me of your problems. I wish to help if help is warranted."

She frowned with suspicion, but eventually sat on a cushion too. She pouted, her body tense as though the guards may enter at any moment and she would have to flee. I kept an even expression to put her at ease.

"Let me have your name, please," I asked.

"Joya," she answered bluntly.

I nodded in acknowledgment. "Joya-san. So what happens in the slums?"

"If you're a good little girl and follow the Recitación then you beg for food," Joya-san answered flatly. "If you're not such a good little girl then you turn to crime, like thievery or prostitution. Either way, a woman caught where she doesn't belong can face serious consequences."

She just barely tapped her smooth stomach and glanced away. "I was caught once, and now I have a son for it, and my only way to feed us both is more thievery."

"It is very unfortunate to hear that," I said, shocked at her burden. I could not imagine what that would have been like to go through. It made me feel sick to contemplate it. Something bothered me though.

"Yet, your lewd comments about me earlier imply you meant something similar for me."

"No!" Joya-san leaped to her feet, glaring at me. "I only wanted a glimpse of you! I've seen you from afar covered in veils, and I always wanted to see you uncovered! To see if your beauty truly was enchanting! The stories are all true, you really are the hottest woman in Arena Kingdom. I've fantasized, but I'm no violator!"

"It's still perverse," I answered crossly, "wanting to drink my milk like that..."

Even as I said it though, the image entered my head of the thief nursing at my breast like an infant. I shivered, my face growing hot in the darkness. It was so strange to imagine an adult tasting my milk. Eldios-sama forgive me for the bizarre desires.

A dark smile spread across Joya-san's face. "Oh? Princess-sama, are you trembling? Feeling excited?"

My body burned. My breasts felt heavy, as though I had held all my milk in for weeks! Eldios-sama curse the maddening thoughts! I am only a woman, weak and a slave to flesh! Have mercy upon me!

She lightly touched my arm, provoking a whimper from me. "You must be so lonely here, Princess-sama. Come on, sleep with me tonight. I can help you escape El Alcázar. We can run off and have fun adventures together if you bring some money with us."

Her offer was tantalizing. It was so wonderful being a princess, but I had to admit that being able to actually leave sounded appealing. Maybe it was time to experience new things? But I could never leave Father, and it would be unseemly of a woman to adventure with just another woman by her side.

Her desire to sleep with me was strange too. I had read of women who indulged in the comfort of other women, but they usually grew out of it once they found their husbands. More than on one occasion have I entertained similar fantasies, but never have I acted upon them. Perhaps it would not hurt to try once...

I took Joya-san's hand and lead her to my bed, where I demurely laid on the silk sheets. "I'm only doing this because I'm immature and I need some experience to grow out of it," I informed her, but why was my face burning so much? It was a legitimate reason. I moved my head to the side so that she would not see me blushing so hard. "In addition, this is practice for when I first lay with my husband. This isn't real sex, so I'll remain pure for him."

"Not real sex?" Joya-san's eyes poured over me. She threw her vest off and was removing her trousers. For a girl who claimed to have come from the slums, she was quite beautiful in a rough way. I closed my eyes and imagined I would be doing a great boon for the poor girl, helping her family and turning her to a more righteous path. I would just have to put up with a carnal sin for a moment.

"Ah..." Her hands slowly pulled my trousers and underwear away, leaving me totally exposed to the thief. She giggled as she lowered upon me, looking into my eyes deeply before giving me a kiss. Her lips were warm, a bit rough though compared to how soft mine are. I could smell her sweat, and her bosom crushed against mine. We were both so over-endowed that I could not believe we could embrace so closely, but the pliablity of our flesh made it possible.

Joya-san continued kissing me, her eyes half-lidded as though intoxicated by our lusts. I accepted each one, my body getting warmer, my heart pounding a tattoo. It felt so sweet and tender; Joya-san had needed someone to love.

"This your first kiss?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes," I answered, wanting more.

"Mine too," she said with a hint of bitterness. How sad, to have a son yet never before being kissed out of love! I understood then it was vital to save her and her son from the slums. Perhaps I could arrange for them to work in El Alcázar?

She kissed me some more, the kisses becoming heavier. Her hot tongue slipped into my mouth, and she groped my breasts. Tears ran from my eyes, a heady mixture of guilt, confusion, desire, and love mingling in my stomach. My breasts were ready to burst. With a low moan, my nipples erupted with milk, spraying Joya-san like twin fountains. I arched my back in ecstasy, legs spread wide as my shameful fluids wet my thighs. My sex trembled with the power of my orgasm. Joya-san backed off, surprised by my display, milk dripping off her face. She licked her lips and smiled as she tasted my milk. Her eyes lit up.

"This is delicious!" she chimed. I lay panting, trying to recover from my orgasm, when Joya-san latched onto my left breast and began to suckle with abandon. I groaned at the pressure she was putting on me, and I could feel myself expressing milk into her pretty mouth. My unattended nipple slowly began to respond to the stimulation, spraying milk in fine streams that drizzled over my visitor. I stroked her short hair and cooed. Was this what it was like to nurse a baby? I suddenly wished for a child of my own, and I wondered about Joya-san's son.

"Joya-san, that feels wonderful."

She mumbled around my engorged nipple. My skin tingled from wherever her breath touched, gooseflesh rising all over me. Her hands stroked my thighs softly before slipping to my pubis, tapping my swollen clitoris. I whimpered as her index finger sank into my dripping sex, gently swirling around. It was no different from the shameful times I masturbated, yet the pleasure was so much more intense when someone else was doing it. My virgin folds clamped down on her finger as she teased me to orgasm again, lightening pleasure racing up and down my body. She embraced me and held on until I stopped trembling.

"Not so loud, Princess," she admonished while licking her fingers clean. She then stood up on the bed, her legs spread wide. I stared up without comprehending.

"Come on," Joya-san urged. "I wanna cum too, you know."

With a nervous swallow, I brought my face level to her crotch, smelling her lusty scents. I gave in, timidly licking her slit. I heard her moan, her hands keeping my head in place.

"Oh fuck," she groaned obscenely. "I'm being eaten out by a princess. I'm gonna cum so hard."

I gripped her toned buttocks, enjoying how they felt. He clitoris poked out startlingly long and erect, about the length of the tip of my index finger to the first joint. It was like a pink glistening pearl, and I licked it, rolling my tongue around the fat nub. I was rewarded with a splash of thin fluid and Joya-san's muffled cries. I wished it were larger so that I could taste more of it, as deviant as that sounds.

We collapsed into bed together panting and smiling. We kissed some more, and simply cuddled.

"Are you gonna come with me?"

I turned to Joya-san and shook my head. "I cannot leave Father. I have to keep supplying the milk to him to make more farmland, and even if I didn't it would be against the Recitación to run away from Father like that."

Joya-san's face soured. "Everything bad that happened to me, most of it came from Eldios and Alabar."

I was stunned by her blatant disrespect. Even a slum thief would be taught better than that! "That's untrue!" I accused.

"I didn't have veils, so I was raped," she said. "Erotic dancing and prostitution, anything I can do with my body, is against Eldios. Women aren't supposed to work at all! That's why I'm a bandit!" she growled.

"There are important reasons!" I countered. "Women aren't strong, just pretty and flirty. We distract men from their duties and we should be ashamed!"

"I'm not ashamed!" Joya-san affirmed. "I'm a woman with no use for men! I'll prove Eldios wrong about women and make him rewrite the Recitación!"

I could not longer stand her blasphemies. I tore the sheets off the bed and leaped out. "Leave now," I ordered. "I wish to help you, but your thoughts are clouded by evil."

Wordlessly she dressed and walked back to her grappling hook, glowering the entire time. I followed, plucking the sapphire from my navel. "Take this," I ordered. "Use the money to better your life and return to me next week tonight. I promise I will show you the error of your ways."

She took the sapphire and tucked it into her cleavage. "I'm grateful," she said, "but it's you who'll be proven wrong."

She came the next week as promised. And the next week. And the week after that. We would talk at length, discussing our views, learning more about each other. Often we would make love. I cannot deny it—I have fallen in love with Joya-san and she for me. Each time, she asks if I will leave with her, and each time I refuse, but I promise to wait for her.

Until tonight. This time, I am leaving with my lover the thief. Eldios-sama, forgive me, but I am beginning to understand more of her points. Perhaps it is time to rewrite the Recitación. After all, Eldios-sama changed his mind before. We might be able to do it again. If I am wrong, may Eldios-sama punish me harshly, but please be easy on Joya-san.

This is secondary though to the facts I uncovered. Something evil is eating away at El Alcázar, and I fear for my safety now. By the time you read this I shall have escaped. I must do this for the well-being of my people. Eldios-sama preserve us; I never imagined I would witness such horrors in the World of Humans. Please do not worry too much; Joya-san shall protect me and I have faith in her abilities. I am sorry for this, but hopefully I will be forgiven, and perhaps we women will prove ourselves capable after all.

Princess Jazmín

Author's note: First of all, happy birthday, CrazyNinjaPenguin! This one goes out to you, and I hope you have enjoyed this gift.

I've wanted to introduce Arena Kingdom, my pseudo-Arabian Nights setting, for a long time now, and I thought this would be a fine introduction for it. It is only one part of the planet Kisiksiku though, and more of that place will be seen another time. I hope the setting and characters have grabbed your attention, and Jazmín and Joya will return so we can learn more about the evil Jazmín warned about. We shall see them through the eyes of different heroines though, ones from the mentioned Anyasi Kingdom.