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Mostly everything belongs to the Grimm brothers, but Lacy is mine

So that's that. I was passed down to Cinderella's daughter, then to her daughter's daughter & so on until finally, I wound up here at Amber's Antiques. I really wish someone would buy me, but so far no luck...hey wait a lady & her daughter just walked in! I might have a chance! "Mommy, mommy, look at tat necklace! Didn't my great great great grandmother have one just like that?" Her mother said yes, & that Cinderella had engraved her na,e into the necklace, which was true, she did! Then she asked to see me! When she saw Cinderella's name engraved on me, she bought me! She really bought me! Now I belong to that little girl who's name is Zoey & I am quite happy with her. So that's my story, good-bye!

The End

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