I have some problems, as you can tell.
Living like this is really like hell.
I cut, I drink, I even get high.
And quite often I have the desire to die.

But now, I stopped eating. Add that to the list.
Along with the scars upon my wrist.
I don't have a desire to live,
I found that life has nothing left to give.

I have a hunger, but it's not for food.
It's for people to stop being rude.
Yes, I'm messed up, and no, I'm not alright.
But that doesn't mean we have to fight.

I have enough bruises, but you want to add.
Don't you realize I'm already sad?
I have enough cuts on my body right now,
but you want to add to my torture. Don't ask me how.

I love the feeling of starving myself,
even if it is bad for my health.
I love the feeling of extreme hunger,
something I never dreamed about when I was younger.

I love hurting myself, it's just what I do.
Don't worry, this has nothing to do with you.
Well, actually, I lied.
You wish I had died.

But it's okay, I'm alright,
even if I don't make it through the night.
I can go months, I can go days,
I can starve myself in so many ways.

No food, no water, nothing to eat,
anorexia isn't that hard to beat.
Focus on torturing yourself,
Focus on ruining myself.

No one notices my lack of food,
nor my terrible depressed mood.
I'm slowly dying, I just know.
Hell is where I'm sure to go.

I'm screwed up, we all can tell.
Living like this is really like hell.
I'm anorexic, add that to the list.
I'll never eat again. I insist.