The Fall of Nothing

Part 3: autumn, part 1

I stare at the map spread out bellow me. I point at our next location while holding my side. My side is all stitched from where I was shot, it still hurts, and I can't do much, but thankfully I will be giving the next speech. Our next stop is Himel, a the last remaining defense before we get to the Capitol.

We are set up in tents in a circle in a big brown meadow. Nothing green for miles. Our tents aren't much but they keep up warm to polish our weapons. A bon fire in the center of it all.

When I walk out of the tent Gabriel at my side I get claps on the back, hellos, and the occasional kiss on the cheek from an unknown person.

The last city was a success; we recruited many men and women. No children, that we couldn't allow. This war is too brutal. We should just have a sign up that says: no children under 17 allowed.

I wander the camp and stand at the top of the hill looking about. Gabriel wanders back to camp. I stand and look out over the plain. Then clouds of smoke starts coming up. Horses. With police officers on them, galloping fast towards our camp. We can't fight off the numbers.

I run as fast as I can, screaming: "They found us! Grab your weapons! Fight!" people look up, they seem dazed until I yell it again. Soon everyone has a weapon in his or her hand and is standing at the ready; but it won't be enough.

They fight bravely, and this time I join despite the pain.

Many die, many are wounded. In the end many are taken prisoner. About 20 or so, it all falls into place that we will have to regroup in Himel tomorrow so that we will ave enough forces to invade the Capitol.

We will attack tomorrow. I think about this as we slowly make our way over the hills. Still clutching my side.