sipping boots, the street lights are limelight and I am
22. nothing between my knees but space and few stars
this is not Hollywood, we say. lost. music blaring
speaker sound and soon someone shouting "fucking
this isn't it mannn!" and all the nn's come
into the car as it fills with smoke and liquid conversation.
on all sides beautiful people pass joints and smile at me.
middle seat, toes curling in the lights hurtling past
people conglomerate on the street, cars shout and
sharply point red eyes at me. machines howl.
street parking, cigarettes. cold seeps up my dress
and the sound of gravel shifting comes up from my feet
everyone is around, and I cannot be contained.
from space I catch a star and put it in the corner of
my mouth. bright, I come from no place and
over five mountains. I slide in close and we
making our way to the music. it comes in
sopping wet blasts through brick vibrating to
the touch in certain imaginations.