It was 12:30pm, and the woman monitoring 911 calls was waiting for a call. She could feel exhaustion gnawing at her, and she had nearly drifted off when the phone began to ring. She snapped herself to an alert state and answered the phone by the start of the second ring.

"911, what's your emergency?" she asked in an alert tone, forcing exhaustion to stay out of her tone.

The woman heard the speaker suck in a gasping breath. "I need help," said a quiet child's voice.

The woman vaguely wondered why a kid would be up at this hour, but continued the call.

"What is your problem?" she asked.

"I don't know for sure," the child replied. "I woke up to Daddy yelling and Mommy screaming. I sat there for a long time, and then they were quiet. Really quiet. I went downstairs to see what was wrong. And…" the voice trailed off.

"Did you find a killer?" the woman probed, trying to get the kid to continue.

"No. But the lights were on, and when I went downstairs I saw Daddy had broken Mommy's brains."


Officer John Downs stood in the living room of the Goodman residence, where a kid had called 911 because "Daddy broke Mommy's brains". The description was pretty accurate. Mrs. Jenny Goodman's head was busted right open, and a decent sized pool of blood formed around it. John thought he could see some parts of the actual brain, but he wasn't quite sure.

The house was now a crime scene. Cops were coming in and out, snapping photos, investigating the rest of the house, trying to piece together exact cause of death, even though it was clear Mrs. Goodman's head being cracked open like an egg was part of the death.

Officer John's gaze went over to the little boy hovering over his mother's dead body. The way the child's face showed no sadness or fear of any kind sent shivers down his spine. The child looked no older than 6 or 7. This had to somehow emotionally scar him or something.


Officer John approached the boy. Before he could speak, the boy started first.

"It scares you," he said. The way the boy had said that made the Officer flinch.

"Does it scare you?" the Officer asked.

The boy gave off an emotionless laugh. "Not really. At first, I was scared, and then I did something and felt better."

Officer John was confused. "What did you do?"

The boy gave off a little giggle. "I found a big knife from the kitchen," he said, "And I went upstairs where Daddy was hiding. And… and…."

"You killed him?" Officer John's voice sounded choked. Was he speaking to a killer?

The boy smiled. "Unfortunately, not before he killed me."

Then, the little boy vanished into thin air.

Officer John grabbed some men and ran upstairs, looking for the two bodies. Sure enough, he opened a closet door and found the dead father clutching his also dead son.

More pictures. More evidence.

Officer John was now terrified and confused. Had he just encountered a ghost? A ghost who had murdered his own father? Sure, it was most likely to pay back for the dead mom, but murder was murder. No excuse. But still…

Officer John found a note in the little boy's hand. He carefully pulled it away from the body and read it to himself.

Thank you for finding my body, Officer John Downs….

-Mommy's Little Killer