To some I might seem clinically insane, but I don't really care. I hate warm weather. If it's over 70 degrees then I can't stand it. I like a cool breeze and rainy days. I like wearing jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

I love being able to layer my clothes and not having to see girls wearing shorts so short you can see their butt cheeks.

I love being cold in the morning and stopping to get a wonderfully warm cup of coffee to start my day with.

I hate too much sunshine and having to wear sunglasses just as much as I hate driving and getting the sun in my eyes. I dislike stupid tan lines.

I dislike sweating from the heat and have to wear as little amount of clothing as you can to stay cool. I hate blasting the air conditioner. I dislike the beach and all beach going activities.

So you can imagine that spending the summer with Gregory would be something close to hell. Especially if you consider that it's like 90 degrees outside and I'm wearing like three layers of clothes.

"May I take your order?" The girl attempted to smile at her but the confusion oozed from her face. It was damn hot in here and I refused to take off any layers of clothing I had on.

"I'll have the mahi mahi I guess…" I almost sneer.

"I'll have a porterhouse medium rare." Gregory my so called 'dad' ordered good naturedly.

"Alright would either of you two like a soup or side?"

"I'll have a strawberry salad actually." I add.

"Lobster bisque for me."

I gently fold my menu take Gregory's and pass them to the waitress.

"Lennon don't you think it's too hot in here?" He asks unsure.

"I refuse to admit that I'm here for the summer. If I conform then that means I can't continue on with my delusions."

He makes a face, "Stubborn like your mother."

I roll my eyes, "I'm nothing like Geneva. It's absurd of you to even suggest a thing."

"And you embody that town of yours."

"I take pride in symbolizing my lovely small Victorian sea town in Maine thank you very much."

Gregory just laughs and shrugs, "Alright."

But he does seem to have a point…I'm almost starting to sweat at this point.

After a few moments of debate I begrudgingly pull off my sweater. I feel eons better which leads me to shamelessly strip off my button up leaving me in a see through lace top with a bandeau in place of a bra.

I felt a huge wave of wind hit my small frame. Heavenly. If I could strip off my jeans then I could.

I hate hot air. I like being warm and cozy, but you definitely can't get that feeling without cold air.

When our dirty blond waitress named, Shanna, brings out my lemon raspberry cheesecake and Gregory's coffee it seems like she's really happy to see me.

"Here you guys go," She smiles, "I know you live here Mr. Harnage, but I've never seen you before."

I tie my platinum almost white blond hair up into a clean ballerina bun.

"This is my daughter Lennon." He informs her, "She's your brother's age."

"Oh! It's great to meet you Lennon. I know it seems weird, but I was wondering if you'd like to hang out tomorrow? I can show you around town."

I make a face, "Sure. I'm surprised you asked to be honest."

"You're really gorgeous and I don't know. I guess I have a friend crush on you."

I can't help but laugh, "I get what you mean."

I look at Gregory and he just looks confused.

"Good. I'll come by tomorrow morning then to pick you up." She takes the freshly signed bill and leaves.

"I didn't know Shanna Harmon was a lesbian."

I scoff and roll my eyes, "Oh Gregory. She's not. A 'friend crush' is essentially when you see someone that you're just dying to be friends with. I guess people your age just wouldn't know."

"Hey I'm not that old," He pouts.

"Yeah I know. You're like 34 since you had Mason when you and Geneva were 16 and me stupidly a year after." I roll my eyes, "But it's just not your generation."

"Next time you don't get a reference from my generation then I'm going to find a witty comment to make."

"Alright then," I shrug.

"It's weird not having Mason around." He brings up.

"It is," I admit, "I miss him and there isn't anything wrong with missing him."

"There isn't." He confirms.

"But hey if he was here then I'd probably be eons snobbier about being here."

Gregory laughs, "Yeah you would. You two were always like the sun and the moon."

"Just like you and Geneva."

"Except your mom and I didn't argue as much as you and Mason did."

"Well," I sigh and place my fork on the plate a bit loudly. I stand up and push my chair in, "That's because you guys were 'in love'."

Gregory stands up following my lead, "Unfortunately I was more in love with her than she was with me." He grabs my discarded clothing.

"Sucks to suck."

He lets out a somewhat barking laugh. I bump into a hard solid body.

I look up into dark brown eyes and an absolutely beautiful face. His matching dark brown hair is tousled and messy like he got out of bed.

"Hey," He smiles at me.

I notice how he's wearing a blue and white striped tank top that just screams 'carefree'.

I can't help but sneer at his khaki shorts and snapback.

"Hey," I half mutter and half grunt and leave with Gregory. Despite that he's so insanely sexy his fashion sense couldn't help but send me away. I could picture him longboarding down the street as he listened to obnoxious dubstep and smoked weed.

I prefer boys who drive nice cars, listen to modern folk indie music and smoke cigarettes.

After forcing myself to wear only a flowing tank top that I tucked into a pair of vibrant cobalt shorts and deep brown belt I got up to answer the door.

Eagerly Shanna stood there and smiled, "Hey! Read to go?"

My blonde hair hung loosely and was slightly waved. My dark pink lips puckered ever so slightly as I checked for my iPhone and keys in my small leather side purse.

"I guess so."

I climbed into the girl's car and she pulled out of the driveway.

"Your makeup is so pretty and so are your eyes. They're so blue. They match your shorts really nicely."

"Thanks." I manage.

"You don't seem to like it here at all." She notes.

"I hate it. I don't like the heat, the beach, the weather. Essentially everything about this place."

"You hate the beach? How could anyone hate it!" She cries.

"I don't like being in water. I don't like sand…I don't really like anything that's beach related."

"Not even getting tan and wearing bikinis? You look sunkissed already." She says referring to the freckles on the bridge of my nose.

"Yeah it's from Gregory's side but I don't really like tanning or wearing bikini's either. I like sexy underwear but bathing suits not so much."

"You look like you've got a super-hot beach body though." She admits.

"I do. But I like wearing clothes." I shrug.

Shanna laughs, "You're a funny one."

I shrug and look out the window. The beach town vibe just makes me cringe a bit.

My brother, back when he was alive, used to love this place. He stayed with Gregory while I stayed with Geneva in Maine.

He'd go on about how great everything was whenever we talked.

He'd rave about the deep blue water that was almost as pretty as our blue eyes and how white the sand was. He'd go on and on about the fairs, carnivals and festivals that came around and the bonfires he'd go to.

Mason would blab on about how beautiful the weather is and how I should leave drafty old Occoquan, Maine and stay with him and Gregory in Starry Peaks, California.

And even though he'd always try to get me out here he'd always know that I'd never like it here. I'd never belong here because my heart and soul belong in Pocahontas County.

"I met Mason before he died. You remind me of him."

I frown, "We're not even remotely relatable."

"Yeah, but you two still have a similar demeanor. You guys are really passionate about who you are and stick to it. You both really have strong opinions and don't care what other people think."

She's got a point.

"You're right," I admit, "But even if he's gone he's still my ridiculous older brother."

"I got you. You should meet my older brother Shiloh."

"I remember Mason mentioning him a few times."

"Yeah they were pretty close. They were pretty similar."

I make a face, "Then I probably won't like your brother."

"Why's that?"

"Mason was like the sun while I'm like the moon. Opposites and could never really be around each other."

"Then I guess you could say that Shiloh is like a star. Suns are stars just bigger. But stars and moons can be together at least at night."

I ponder this for a moment, "That what would you be Shanna?"

"I guess I'm like a cloud."

I was going to say that. I guess she isn't so bad after all.

After some comfortable silence I speak, "So where are we going?"

"To the boardwalk."

I frown as I stand there annoyed. I check my phone to find messages from my best friends Willow and Nicholas. My mood picks up ever so slightly.

Shanna stands oddly close me as she speaks to her brother, the sexy boy from last night, who's also oddly close to me too. One of Shiloh's friend's stands there glancing at me occasionally while two others are skating around.

"I definitely don't want to go to this dinner."

Wow Shanna not being excited about something is odd.

"Shan, Ma really wants you to go."

"Well I don't want to be a debutant!" She frowns. Oh god she's even frowning now.

Her brother's voice is just as sexy as the rest of him. He's a giant upon realization.

I try to resist the urge to pull out a cigarette.

"I had to be a damned beau last year. You get to suffer and be a debutant this year."

She pouts, "But I don't want to."

"Sucks," He says and glances at me not discreetly, "Hey we ran into each other last night at Blue Isle."


"You were with Mr. Harnage." He says.

"Is she some sort of gold digger?" one of his friends asks.

I ignore him, "He's my father."

He gets this deer in headlights look for a nanosecond, "You're Lennon. Mason's little sister."

"Yeah I am."

"Mason always said his sister was pretty, but we never guessed you'd be this hot." Another one of Shiloh's friends adds.

Shiloh shoots him a deadly look, "Sorry about them. I thought your eye color looked familiar. SO what brings you out here?"

I sigh in annoyance, "Gregory brought me out here."

"She's hates all things summery." Shanna adds.

The guys all get a weird look on their face.

"Seriously?" Shiloh asks.

"You're probably just like my brother. All for the sun, skating, surfing and whatever. I hate all three things."

"Are you a vampire or something?" Shiloh asks in a teasing manner.

"I don't hate the sun because it'll burn me alive. I hate it because I don't like an excessive amount of heat or enough sunlight to make me wear sunglasses."

"Aren't you just a high maintenance princess?"

"Shiloh," Shanna scolds.

He ignores her and keeps talking, "He always did say you had a thing for obnoxious hipsters. I guess you really do belong underground."

I shoot him a look despite how witty that was, "Yeah well I'd much rather be underground than continue this conversation with you. Maybe there I'd meet some guys who actually have substance."

"Okay we're going to leave now." Shanna intervenes and whisks me away. I can already tell that Shiloh will be replacing my brother's spot as 'sun'.