you brought paper cuts to your palms
and cried when he kissed them better
lapped up the blood pooling at your ankles
caught your nosebleeds in bottles and
wore your blood like lipstick
so when he kissed you you'd only taste yourself
hiding his flavors, his light under a blanket of narcissism
you were a narcissist after all, the bad guy in the story
despite that you were good
despite his bite marks are up and down your arms
he bled out the poison and saved you from yourself
but you still take him for granted
but he was granted like a wish
bestowed upon you
his binary eyes and your monotonous body together
sparks in his veins and when he ran his tongue down your collar
the electricity was too much
your breathe hitched and you couldn't move
under the weight of his heavy heart he snapped your spine
atmospheric pressure in his words
he forgets you're just a ghost
violent, stirring, haunting him
his eyes have gone black and white
he's gone blind.