The Accidental Peekers (PG-13)

It was the most boring summer job imaginable but it paid well so Kristen wasn't going to complain. She and Lee spent the day manning the Ranger's Station on the grounds of the Blue County Preservation Society. Their job was to answer any questions hikers, dog walkers,and other members of the general public had when the passed by the building on their way too or from their walk through the woods and hills of the preserve. Every few hours, either Kristen or Lee (usually Lee) would get in the Preservation's pick up truck and take a tour of the grounds to perform a security check for any problems, damage, lost hikers or other drama but there was rarely an issue and even when there was Lee or Kristen were supposed to call the state Environmental Police and let them deal with it.
In essence, Lee and Kristen were nothing more than glorified security guards with not a whole lot to secure other than about ten square miles of trees, brooks, and occasional hills. Their official title was "Junior Park Ranger" and working their hours were 8:30 to 5:00. The Ranger's Station had a couple of desks that overlooked a large plate glass window to the parking area. There was a small lounge, a kitchen area, a bathroom and a shower room. They were required to bring their lunch and they usually used the kitchenette to heat up their food.
There were a couple of computers, a television, a radio, and some walkie talkies in the station but even with the entertainment and a good book to read it could be a long day especially if the weather wasn't all that great outside. Most of the folks who used the preserve were regulars who didn't need a whole lot of input or assistance from the Junior Rangers so there wasn't a whole lot to do except for the hourly log reports and the appointed rounds of the grounds which they switched off performing.
Lee and Kristen got a long fine as co-workers but it was doubtful that they ever would have talked to one another if they weren't in the same Ranger Station together every day. Kristen attended Blue County Technical High School and because she was studying Forestry she got the Junior Ranger job as part of a lottery program. Lee was a student at the private upscale and elite Sun Rise Lake School for Boys and he got the job because his old man had connections. Lee really could have care less about forestry or the preserve but it was an easy job and he was fine with that.
Lee showed up every day in his late model Ford Pick up truck with all the fixings. Kristen arrived in her brother's beat up fifteen year old sedan that she inherited when he left for the Army. Lee was the smartest guy Kristen had ever met and she felt intimidated by and inferior to him even though he didn't talk down to her or demean her in any way. Still, she knew that he saw her as a 'tech school' girl and that in itself was degrading enough.

Kristen may have spent the summer watching MTV and Lifetime on the Ranger Station television if Lee didn't keep turning it to the cable news and the three C-SPAN channels all day and he was interested in talking politics most of the time even though Kristen barely knew the name of the Vice President of the United States.

Kristen would guess that she was a Democrat since she was pro-choice and supported civil rights and thought welfare and social security and that sort of stuff were good things. Lee was obviously conservative in his ideologies coming from a well off family with money but she found that he was respectful of her views and wasn't in her face about his beliefs so she didn't mind a healthy debate.

Kristen may have spent the summer reading People Magazine and Cosmo if the well-read Lee hadn't started bringing in books for her to read. He was an obvious avid reader who could plow through a book in a day or two and she was amazed at his knowledge of literature. He made her read Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, and The Great Gatsby and he would ask her questions the next day about what she had read the night before and they would occupy their boring time with discussions and reviews.

As the summer progressed, Kristen was amazed that she was actually becoming well read and more educated because of Lee's tutorage. He encouraged her to keep reading and expanding her horizons and to improve herself because she wasn't going to be a tech student all her life. She actually felt better about herself because of Lee's influence and interest and she was grateful for that.

Kristen dated but she wasn't exactly the best catch in the school. She was probably a bit too meaty in places where she shouldn't be meaty, she opted for her glasses instead of her contacts most of the time, she wore her brown hair plain and straight and she rarely bothered with make up, especially in the Ranger Station. She often felt like the fifteen year old car she drove.

Lee wasn't a stud but he was definitely handsome in a noticeable way and he had the preppy look to him even when he was wearing his Junior Ranger uniform. His smile was infectious, he had wavy blonde hair, his eyes were penetrating, and he had a body that was all muscle and tone.

As far as Kristen was concerned, being a Junior Ranger turned out to be one of the best jobs and best summers of her life. She spent more time with Lee than she did any other guy in her life (including her father and kid brother!). She knew it was platonic and professional and that the only reason the preppie talked to her was because they were stuck in the Ranger Station together for nine and a half hours every day but she considered it good practice for her. If she could work on her conversational skills, build up her self confidence and self-esteem and impress Lee, she would be able to return to Blue County Technical School at the end of the summer and begin her senior year feeling much more hopeful and capable. She would even be able to brag that she 'knew someone' at the impressive Sun Rise Lake School for Boys.

The Ranger Station closed at five o'clock although the public was free to use the grounds until dark. The Environmental, state, and local police departments were responsible for security from dusk to dawn. Lee usually took the last tour of the grounds before quitting time. Even though it wasn't a physically demanding job, the Ranger Station could get stuffy and sometimes driving around in the old pickup truck could be sweaty so Lee liked to take a shower at the station so he wouldn't stink up his fancy pickup truck driving home.

He usually sent Kristen home ahead of him and he stayed behind to take the shower and lock up the station. On this evening, Kristen stayed behind longer than usual because the computer had frozen up and she was behind on some of the data entry. Lee told her to go ahead and leave when she was done and he would lock up when he was finished with his shower.

Kristen finished up with the computer entries but decided she'd better pee before she drove home just to be safe. She walked to the back of the station where there was a small hall that led beyond the lounge and kitchenette. The bathroom was to the left and the shower room straight ahead. There was a large mirror on the outside of the shower door and often times Lee left the door open when he showered (he was usually alone) to keep the shower room from getting overly steamy and hot.

Kristen went into the bathroom to do her duties and as she came out she noticed that there was a mirror on the wall across from the bathroom and, because of the way the door to the shower room was open, she had a clear reflective view into the shower area and she froze when she saw Lee in all his glory. He couldn't see her and she stood gape-jawed as she stared, immediately becoming aware of a certain tingling down low. The shower stall was an open one with two walls on each side and no curtain. Kristen didn't know how long she stood staring into the mirrors but it felt like hours. Lee turned and started rinsing out his hair and she saw the white buns of his ass as his back was to the reflection. The whiteness of his manly buns stood out against his tanned skin and she stared at those buns for the longest time.

Finished with his hair, Lee turned to grab for the towel and Kristen almost screamed out loud when she saw his 'thing' in full view surrounded with a bush of pubic hair. She had never seen that part of a guy naked before and she gawked at it forever as her heart began to beat fast and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head.

Kristen bolted from the bathroom feeling flushed, hot and bothered, and confused. How could she do that to him? She would feel so violated if the roles had been reversed. She was scum knowing she should have left immediately and turned away as soon as she realized what was going on.

She collapsed into her computer chair and tried to catch her breath. She heard Lee whistling and she started sweating bullets, dying a thousand deaths of embarrassment as he came into the room.

Lee must have seen how flustered and out of sorts she seemed. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she stammered, spinning away and blushing furiously. "Yeah, I gotta go." She couldn't even look at him as she sprang from her chair and bolted from the station.
Kristen hurried to her car. She was shaking and she had to calm herself just to get her car key in the ignition because she was trembling so. She went right to her room and closed the door behind her when she got home, letting out a huge sigh but she was unable to shake the vision of him standing there naked for her eyes. She felt so guilty and bothered about what she saw. She was a bit of a prude and obviously inexperienced and she felt bad that she had somehow violated his privacy. She slept fitfully, waking several times trying to rid herself of that image and of that guilt. She knew she would die if she had to admit to him what she saw and then, after thinking about it for a while, she decided that the only way she could fix the situation would be to take a shower and make it so he saw her too and then they would be even and everything would be okay.

It was a stupid and illogical solution but if it cleared her conscious of the guilt and shame she was feeling it would be worth of it. Of course, she couldn't just expect Lee to waltz into the locker room while she was showering to settle the score. She would need to set him up somehow.
Kristen still couldn't quite look Lee in the eye when they arrived at work the next morning. She found herself flustered and blushing most of the day and she had a hard time concentrating on the routine and responsibilities of the day. Every time she looked at Lee, she saw him naked.
"Everything okay?" Lee asked as the day progressed, apparently picking up on her weirdness.
"Yeah, it's nothing," she said. "I'm good."
She tried to talk politics and last night's reading with Lee but she kept looking past him, or down at her hands, or out the window while they chatted.

"Do I have snot hanging out of my nose or something?" Lee finally asked.

"No, why?" She asked.

"You won't look at me," he said.

"I think you're over exaggerating," she said innocently.
"If you say so," he replied but he didn't sound convinced.

When it came time to make the final rounds of the preservation for the day, Kristen volunteered to do it. Lee said okay so she drove around the grounds but stopped at one point and ran up and down a hill about seven times. It was a hot summer day and she was sweating like a stuffed pig when she got back to the Ranger Station.

"I think I'd better shower," she told Lee.

"Oh, okay, I can wait," he agreed.

She stopped in the bathroom on her way to the shower room and sabotaged the toilet so it would continuously run and then she hurried into the shower room leaving the door open. She was feeling as nervous and embarrassed as hell but she reasoned that this was the only way to realign the cosmos. She saw him so it was only fair that he see her.

No boy had seen her naked before and she wasn't sure how she felt about exposing herself to him now but it was her own fault for seeming him so she decided that she had no choice. Kristen quickly stripped and she started the water before stepping into the stall feeling more vulnerable and exposed than ever before in her life. She quickly shampooed her hair, turning her profile toward the doorway and thrusting out her chest for maximum effect. She also began to sing loudly hoping that might also attract Lee's attention and possible interest.
Kristen kept trying to peek out to see if she could see him in the doorway or in the reflection but she didn't think she did. Maybe he wasn't a peeping tom pervert (like she was, apparently) or maybe he was a fag. But when she finished with the longer than usual shower she noticed that the running toilet was quiet so she knew he had gone in there to fix it. Surely he saw her in the reflection. Heard her singing. Maybe even stuck his head in to catch a peek of her.

Kristen dried off and got dressed and she nervously stepped out into the office area. Lee was on the computer.
"Well, good night," she said with more enthusiasm than was probably necessary.
"Yeah, good night."

But Lee didn't look at her. In fact, he had a deer-in-the-headlight look in his eyes as Kristen headed pass him and she was pretty sure he looked embarrassed and sheepish.

"See you tomorrow," she called out as she went through the door.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

Kristen giggled as she headed for her car knowing that her plan had worked and he had certainly seen her. Now they were even. Tied scored. Karma back to normal. Cosmos aligned. Her guilt resolved. She went to bed that night wondering what he thought of her. Did he like what he saw?
It was a rainy day when Kristen showed up the following morning. It was definitely going to be a slow day but maybe she'd be able to judge the effect her show had on Lee. He made himself scarce, offering only a weak hello when she first entered the Ranger Station and she was amused by the situation. Strangely, she didn't even feel embarrassed that he had seen her in the nude.

They stayed busy and Lee didn't have a lot to say for a change. He didn't talk politics and he didn't ask her about what she read the night before. He made extra rounds of the grounds even though nobody was going to be out there in the rain and he ate his lunch in his truck, the first time he'd ever done that.

"Everything okay?" Kristen asked as the day progressed, picking up on his weirdness.

"Yeah, it's nothing," he said. "I'm good."
But he kept looking past her, or down at his hands, or out the window while they chatted.

"Do I have snot hanging out of my nose or something?" Kristen asked, remembering his question from the previous day.

"No, why?" He frowned realizing she stole his line.

"You won't look at me," she said.

"I think you're over exaggerating," he said nervously.
"If you say so," she replied but she knew he was lying.

The day finally ended and they began to wrap up.
"Are you gonna need to shower?" Kristen asked.
"No, no, I'm okay," he said awkwardly.
"Okay, well, I think I will," she said as she started for the shower room.
"Uhhh, Kristen?" Lee called.
"Yes?" She asked innocently.

He looked away. "I, uh, have uh something to uh tell you."

"What is it?" She asked (as if she didn't know).
He took a deep breath. "Um. I'm really sorry, but yesterday the toilet started running and so I went to stop it and I sort of kind of saw you through the mirror reflection in the shower." He glanced at her guiltily.
Kristin was truly impressed by his incredibly brave admission. He couldn't have suspected that she knew yet he was willing to admit to it even when she couldn't do the same.
"You saw me?"
He coughed. "Yeah. I uh didn't know about the mirrors." He sounded so guilty and humiliated. "Be sure you close the door from now on."

Cruelly, Kristen said nothing and she stared at him with a blank face, choking back a smile. Finally, she spoke.
"Well, did you like it?"
"Wha...?" He stammered, looking her in the eye for the first time all day.
"Did you like what you saw?" She asked as she stood in the middle of the room with her hand on her hips.
"No! Yes! No, of course not, it was awful!" He stammered with confusion as he sat in his chair.
"Am I awful to look at?"
"No, you're beautiful but I was wrong. I..."
"So you liked it?"
He sighed. "Yes. You are gorgeous and I liked it." Lee stared at his feet, chewing his lower lip. "I shouldn't have kept looking but I couldn't help myself," he admitted.
"Well," Kristen said finally, putting as much ice in her voice as she fake as she took a few steps toward him. "I have something to tell you, Lee."
"I know, you're getting me fired," he sighed
"I know you watched me."
He looked up, alarmed and confused. ""
"I know you watched me because the previous night I accidentally saw you."
His eyes bugged out.
"By mistake," she assured him.

Suddenly, she was ashamed that she hadn't had the guts to tell him. Her courage left her and she looked at her shoes and swallowed. "But unlike you, I didn't have the courage to tell you. So I concocted a scheme to get you to see me and then we'd be even."
Kristen could see the look of shocked disbelief on his face.
"I'm sorry, Lee."
"That's why I ran out of here that night," she explained. "And was so weird yesterday."
Lee smiled for the first time all day. "I was so awful to look at that you had to run out of here?"
Kristen snorted a giggle. "No, Lee, you looked really good. You're a good-looking guy. But I felt so guilty I couldn't face you." She looked at him in all seriousness. "Thanks for being such a gentleman to tell me. You're really nice."
He stood and took a step toward her as if he was going to say something but before he could Kristen leaned up and kissed him before either of them knew what was happening. She stepped back, blinking in surprise and they stared at each other.
"Wow," she said and she smiled at him. "Well, it has been an interesting day."

"Are you really going to take a shower?" He asked.

"Um..." Kristen started backing up and then she turned and purposely walked into the locker room, leaving the door open.
She stripped, grabbed her stuff and raced into the shower. Her heart was racing. Would he follow her? Did she want him to? What would happen? She turned on the shower and stood with her back towards the door and she let the water run over her. She was positively tingling but finally she could stand the suspense no longer and she looked over her shoulder.

Kristen's heart jumped-Lee was there. He had walked into the shower room and he was nude. Their eyes locked.
"Are you showering? She asked.

"May I?"

Kristen crooked her finger at him, motioning him forward. He walked to her and she kept her eyes in his over her shoulder although she did steal one more glance at his manhood as Lee stepped into the shower.
"You can look but you can't touch," Kristen said, taking his hand and putting it against the wall.

Her back still to him but then she turned and took his other hand and also put it on the wall so that he was caging her with his arms and body. She turned the shower head straight down and then twisted back to look into his eyes with a purposeful smile. She felt so safe that she kissed him, her chest pressing against his and his 'excitement' nudging her belly.

They kissed for a long time while she caressed his back. He took a hand off the wall and hugged her but she put it back and he didn't resist. Finally, dreamily, she broke the kiss and with a twinkle in her eye she stepped back so he could see her breasts. She heard him mumble about how beautiful she was, something about 'the best ass ever'.

Kristen took her shampoo and started lathering up, making sure plenty of suds flowed down her front. When she was good and soapy, she slowly turned around while still working her hair. His eyes roamed her body and she loved how he was drinking it in. Her tits jiggled as she lathered and she enhanced the effect as best she could.

Kristen leaned back to him while rinsing her hair.
"You okay?" She asked nervously.
"Are you?" He sounded worried.
"I can't believe I'm doing this."
"Me either," he admitted.

"I've never done anything like this before."

"Me either."

"But I thought I owed you."

"I think we're even," he said.


She rinsed off and they both left the stall and began to dry off.

"I'm still just a tech school girl, Lee," she said sadly.

"You're the most beautiful tech school girl I've ever seen."

"Thanks," she blushed.

"Will you go out with me?" He asked hopefully, bluntly, and directly.

They were dressed now and she looked at him with disbelief. "You want to go out with me?"

"Yes," he said proudly.

"Just because you saw me naked?"

"No, I think I would have asked you even if none of this happened," he admitted.

"Why?" She asked with a frown. "I'm just a tech school girl. You go to Sun Rise."

"I like you," Lee let her know.

She smiled as the strolled into the outer Ranger Station. She stopped and turned and faced him. He leaned in and kissed her.

"So, will you go out with me, Kristen?" Lee asked again.

"I have a feeling closing up is going to have a different meaning for us from now on," she grinned.

"I hope so!" Lee laughed.

She waited for him to lock up and he took her hand as they walked out of the Ranger Station.

"Is this the best summer job you've ever had?" Kristen asked.

"Definitely," Lee smiled happily.