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Chapter One: Last

The wind whipped as wet, cool droplets of rain slid down her cheek, mixing with warm salty sorrow running into the corner of her quivering lips. Charlotte wiped the moisture away and half-smiled, half-grimaced at the dark, starless sky.

She loves rain. The fresh scent, the way it cleans the road...tonight she loves it for disguising her tears. For letting her pretend to be in control. Stayincontrol.

She knows, knows it is coming. Her heart contracts as she hears the car slow behind her, its headlights illuminating the slick tar. Its fragmented reflection is a mirror of her indecision.

She knows what is coming. She'll make excuses - Idon'tdeservethis - but knows resistance is futile.

He'll brush away what clouds her vision and press his lips against her temple. Excusesareforgotten. He'll whisper simple words in an attempt at an...apology? No, he's far to proud.

"We're magic. More enchanting than a simple a love story - more than coffee dates and slow dances in the moonlight. More than a comfortable courtship. We fit like magic. Meant to be. We're easy and so, so much sweeter than any boy-meets-girl. More than just satisfying. Magic. It'll be easy, easy to grow old this way with you."

His lips will slide to just below her ear and he'll continue his needless plea.

"We're cosmically attracted. Subtly - butwithsupernovastrength - in tune to one another's aura, something you taught me to grasp. Like two halves of a whole. Halves that push against and pull toward, challenging and embracing. Without you all I'd be is seeking your presence, to keep me upright, keep me balanced, keep me fine. "

He'll kiss the part of her that isn't throat nor collarbone, while murmuring half-swallowed sonnets that he, in all his perfection, cannot complete.

"We're wonderfully epic. An ethereal romance, wild and shameless. settingtheworldalight. Volatile, yes, but always passionate. Isn't that what you wanted, darling? isn'tthatwhatyouwanted?"

She'll nod and losecontrol.